3 Ways Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Helps Your Kid

Is your child difficult to handle almost all the time? If you are struggling with their behavioral issues every day, you should consider Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). With the help of OKC counseling, you can change your kid’s behavioral patterns. 

So how can PCIT help your child? In the following ways: 

  1. Build Confidence

In PCIT, a therapist helps a child to build confidence, which makes them feel more accepted, and valued. Your child tends to be less impulsive or aggressive and can improve their behavior and develop social skills.  The proper implementation of PCIT helps your child to develop a more positive outlook. 

Your child’s behavior will likely get much less disruptive and get more cooperative. They will be able to make choices without your directions. The praises a child receives from the counselor during PCIT make them feel much more stronger and confident in all situations. 

  1. Strengthen Communication Skills

During PCIT sessions, a therapist tends to encourage choosing suitable activities and toys. Then, the therapist encourages parents to communicate regarding such toys and activities. The therapist asks the parents to avoid any behavior that may be disruptive toward their children. 

You will learn how to be positive and encouraging towards kids. By the end of the sessions, you learn how to communicate with your kids without using negative words, such as “don’t” and “can’t”. As a consequence, the communication between you and your kids will always be positive and effective. 

  1. Enjoy Self Exploration 

PCIT makes children learn how to play and explore environments themselves. You also learn how to be playful with your kids during the sessions. However, you can use commands whenever your children don’t listen to you. A therapist discourages you from making extremely direct commands, asking too many questions, or criticizing your children. 

During playtime, the counselor requests you to ask hidden questions or make indirect comments so the play process gets interesting for children. The little ones also feel less pressurized to listen to their parents. Child-oriented play is meant to be interactive, and enjoyable, and thus parents’ direct commands and questions are discouraged during the sessions.

The Bottomline

PCIT can always benefit children struggling with mental issues, such as ADHD and anxiety. This therapy in OKC helps you to understand if you are doing everything right when disciplining your child.  With the help of a counselor, your children can overcome their mental issues and strengthen their relationship with their parents. 


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