Your reliable guide to buy software antivirus that caters to all your needs

If you want use an antivirus that is no big deal. A lot of options are readily available these days. Almost all these security suites are reliable. Moreover there are both paid and free versions to choose from. If you sign in for a paid version online payment option further makes your life easier. But what is not easy is choosing a suit that caters to your needs. You have to perform a lot of research to select the best option to fulfil all your unique needs. Almost every brand that is there claims to offer an edge in terms of cyber security. So you just cannot go their face value. Rather a lot of spadework is required on your part to unravel the best antivirus suite you can count upon.

In the following section of the blog post let us explore few facts that you should always consider while buying any antivirus software application. These tips are shared by pros associated with Softwareland – the renowned provider of various software products in London that caters to both businesses and individuals.

How the application scans and detects

Bug alert from your antivirus suite – the most reliable variety of security software suites offers both real-time scanners and on-demand discovery. A real-time scanner diligently runs in the background without any break while checking every file that your device accesses both online and offline. On the other hand an on-demand scanner scans every single file that exists on your device at periodic intervals. The objective on an on-demand scanner is to check for malware on your device. It executes its task on its own without waiting for you to give it a call. The combination of an on-demand scanner and a real-time scanner provides you the most reliable and impregnable protection from online scams and cyber criminals.

Terms of payment

As far as the majority of antivirus brands are concerned, their creators offer an annual subscription to continue with their services. Moreover there are other additional charges that are imposed from time to time. It is better to be little aware about those additional charges. While searching for an antivirus suite that is both reliable and reasonably priced you should keep the following points in your mind –

  • Is this the latest version of the software?
  • Does the brand offer the free trial version for sufficient time so that you can test it properly before subscribing?
  • Taking into account the total cost of license renewals and regular updates will that figure bump up your initial estimation?

Effect on the speed of your computer

Computer speed when antivirus loaded

Several types of antivirus software keep running in the background almost continuously. These are mostly heavy-duty tasks that consume sufficient quantity of the resources of the CPU as well as that of the processor. As a result processing speed of a computer is likely to come down significantly. In easier words antivirus programmes are known to slowdown your device. This can be a programme if you run other heavy-duty software applications or games that require more of CPU resources. During the trial version of the programme you can make all these assessments. Check whether the requirements of the security suite do not conflict with your own requirements from the device. If that happens then your device has to do a lot of struggle while caught in the crossfire.

Go through the privacy policy

In these ongoing times and age personal information is under greater threat than ever. There is no need emphasising on that. Unfortunately a number of antivirus brands have been charged with the crime of selling personal information of their customers to third-party brokers. The company or brand that you select should better not get caught in such a scandal.

While selecting an antivirus suite for your devices it is vital that you go through the privacy policy for the software carefully. It makes you aware about the extent to which the software will access your personal information. The privacy policy also tells you how the software will use that information. In the contemporary times all these effort actually make a lot of sense and prove significantly helpful in the long run.

The process of virus removal

Updates on antivirus

Now finally it is time to know about the exact method in which the software removes malware from the devices. Few factors that are relevant to the core topic include the following –

  • A complete and updated registry of the latest Trojans, worms, spyware and root kits that pose as threat
  • A foolproof virus removal procedure
  • Removal of virus should not affect your personal files in a negative way
  • A virus should not be allowed to spread across different devices
  • Any file that raises suspicion should immediately be quarantined on the device until it is properly diagnosed
  • Data that come from a suspicious source should automatically be blocked

It is important mentioning in the ongoing context that certain types of viruses are only known to affect files while there are other types of viruses that affect the system. For the latter category of viruses your chosen AV suite must have special tools for cleaning up the system. Moreover the software application should also possess the necessary efficiency to restore your system to its original functionality so that you can use it like before.

Compatibility with the system

Even if you have a Mac or Linux system, yet you are not fully protected from malware. Irrespective of the operating system you use it is utmost important to ensure your selected antivirus is compatible with your devices. Usually an antivirus is available in a certain version that categorically suits the specific requirements of a specific version of the operating system.

Additional protection features you should consider

Antivirus network

Other than providing basic protection to your device the chosen antivirus suite should also offer few additional features or benefits. You should judge those benefits too before making the final decision. It is actually more important to consider how many of those features are actually useful to you personally, suggest experts who prefer buy software online. Few additional features that you rather should inquire about include the following –

  • Impregnable security firewall mainly for devices owned by company
  • Anti spyware scanning as far as government employees are concerned
  • Parental locks are vital for devices that are used by children
  • Providing necessary protection to multiple devices in a single package

Conclusion :

Choosing or selecting the right AV software application for your devices is neither stressful nor confusing, provided you invest sufficient time and effort on doing your research. Study your options carefully before taking a decision. It is equally important considering the security features that are relevant to you beforehand making any selection. Do not miss out reading the reviews on the popular bitdefender premium security software products in the UK. These reviews come up regularly on various tech review sites.

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