Many ways to find write for us general blogs

How to find the write for us general blogs and articles?

There are several ways to find write for us general blogs blogs and articles to write for. Here are a few tips:

  • Use Google search: try searching for terms like ” general write for us” or “submit article” plus your topic of interest or industry.
  • Check out job boards: sites like Indeed or Up work often have writing gigs posted.
  • Check out writing communities: sites like Reedit or Medium have active writing communities that you can tap into.

Keep in mind that not all blogs or articles will be a good fit for your writing style or interests. But if you put in the time to search, you’re sure to find some gems.

general blogs and articles:

Here at [name of website or publication], we are always on the lookout for talented writers who can contribute high-quality blog posts and articles on a variety of topics. If you are a skilled writer with a passion for writing, we would love to hear from you. We are currently looking for writers who can contribute general blog posts and articles on a range of topics, including but not limited to:

If you are interested in writing for us, please send us a sample of your work along with a brief explanation of why you would be a good fit for our website or publication. We will carefully review all submissions and get back to you as soon as possible.

Benefit of general write for us:

There are many benefits of writing write for us general blogs and articles. By writing for these platforms, you can hone your skills and build your portfolio. You can also reach a wider audience and share your knowledge with others. Additionally, writing for these platforms can help you build relationships with other writers and industry professionals.

A different way of the guest post:

Guest posting is the process of writing and publishing an article on another website. The guest post usually contains a link back to the guest’s website or blog. There are many benefits to guest posting, including building relationships with other bloggers, increasing exposure for your website, and driving traffic to your website.

benefits of guest posting:

When you guest post on someone else’s blog, you get exposure to their audience. Guest posting can also help build your authority and credibility as a writer. When you’re featured on a well-known blog, it shows that you’re an expert in your field. This can help you attract more readers and followers, as well as new opportunities.

So how do you find blogs to guest post on? There are a few different ways. You can also use directories like and My Blog Guest.

How do you make money from a guest post?

One way to make money from a guest post is by including affiliate links in your post. When a reader clicks on one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission from the sale. Another way to make money from a guest post is by charging a fee for people to publish your post on their website or blog. This is usually done on a per-post basis, and you can set your rates.

If you have a large blog or website with a lot of traffic, you can also make money from guest posts by selling advertising space on your site. This is typically done on a per-post or per-month basis, and you can set your rates. There are several ways to make money from guest posts, and it all depends on what you’re offering.

How do you attract guest bloggers?

There are several ways to attract guest bloggers to your site. The most important thing is to have a well-defined target audience and a clear goal for your blog. Once you have those two things figured out, you can start reaching out to potential guest bloggers.

One way to find guest bloggers is to search for blog posts that are similar to what you hope to achieve with your blog. After you find a few good potential guest bloggers, reach out to them and ask if they’d be interested in writing a guest post for your site. If they say yes, be sure to send them clear guidelines on what you’re looking for in a guest post. This will help ensure that they write a post that’s aligned with your goals for the blog.

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