When someone goes live on Instagram can they see you?

Instagram Live is one of the best ways by which you can get a direct engagement with the users. When someone goes live on Instagram, it is obviously for more engagement and also follows a good feedback. Since the inception, Instagram live has become the go to place for broadcasters and brands in order to get a better engagement from the consumers. Instagram Live has become one of the most popular actions to look forward to. 

The live feed of Instagram allows you to get the right results. However, Instagram live comes with multiple features which includes sending notifications when some of the people you follow goes live. Here is a complete guide on what happens when someone goes live on Instagram.

Is it possible to know who is watching Instagram Live?

Instagram are launching updates every month and according to the latest updates, they have made several changes to the concept of Instagram Live sessions. In the latest updates, Instagram has made a few changes to the features of Instagram live sessions. 

Now, Instagram has confirmed that people who are doing live will be able to monitor the comments and reactions to the live story. While it is being broadcasted, they will also get notifications on people who have joined the live session. This means that people who are currently doing an Instagram Live will get notified on when you will join the live session.

If you are doing live then make sure you get lots of viewership so that you can attract more popularity. More IG live Stream Viewers will help you to get your content viral within a short time and it will attract more famous people as well. Many social media marketing services providers can help you to make your profile more attractive and they will manage everything for you.

What Happens If You Join An Instagram Live?

Joining an Instagram Live is another feature that is an added feature which you may want to use. Instagram allows up to 4 people to join a live session at the same time. However, to join the live session, the initial creator off the live session will have to approve your request of joining the live. 

Once you watch a live and you want to join there, you have to send an approval to the host. You will only be allowed to join the live session after you opt to join the streaming session and request for permission to join the stream. This will obviously notify the user. Luckily, the latest updates from Instagram allow you to make changes when you are already active on the live screen. You can make changes accordingly.

Can you watch the Live without notifying them?

Instagram Live has come up with multiple features. However, this is one perception of the Instagram Live which you can use. You can also watch most of the lives without letting them know under certain circumstances. To do this, you will have to tap on Instagram Stories which is present by tapping the profile picture. You will first have to go to the profile picture which is located just below the search bar and you can get effective results immediately. You can start by tapping on the story section and you will be able to watch the story for live which will not notify the users directly.

Your Instagram Live Video Watchers

Once you start a live session on Instagram, people will be notified about it and they will start joining the broadcast. You will be able to see the number of people who joins the video and want to be a part of this.

If you want to view the people who are currently watching your live session, you will have to start by tapping on the eye icon. This will give you a list of the usernames who are currently watching you live. It even gets better if you are interacting on comments. This will enable the viewers to react to the Instagram Live session. You will be able to view and see every user that comments on the session.

Instagram Live Controls

While doing an Instagram Live session, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is about the controls. According to the latest updates from Instagram, you will be able to control the Instagram Live and Instagram Story section.

If you wish to alter the Instagram Live Story controls, here are a few steps which you can follow.

1. The first thing that you need to do is to tap on the Instagram application and then you can launch it at first. You can now swipe right which will give you an access to the camera.

2. Once you are done with this, you will have to select the live option which popes up infront of you. This will allow you to go live.

3. The most important step is to look for the settings icon which is present on your screen. It should be located at the top-left corner of the live window. With the help of this control, you will be able to make the desired changes accordingly. If required, you can also block the story from certain people who will help you to get the right results.

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