When Does Wendy’s Start Serving Lunch

You are among the people (s) that want to know the exact time that Wendy’s starts serving lunch, or better still, you want to know Wendy’s Lunch Hours, well! You have come to the right place because detailed information about Wendy’s lunch hours will be shared in this article. 

If you’re planning to check in at Wendy’s for lunch but you are not sure of the exact time they serve lunch, there is no cause for alarm because this article is specially designed to keep you posted on the lunch hours at Wendy’s. 

But our readers have been asking ‘Does Wendy’s serve lunch? Does Wendy’s serve lunch all day? When Does Wendy’s Start Serving Lunch among other related questions, if you want to know the answers to these questions, then let’s go through this guide together and I assure you that you will be happy that you do.

But before we proceed, it will be pertinent to note that Wendy’s Lunch Hours are time-framed and location-dependent, this simply means that Wendy’s doesn’t serve lunch all day; it has a particular time of the day it serves lunch to their esteemed customers. Apart from that, the timing may not be uniform in all their outlets due to geographical differences. Nevertheless, we’re gonna shed more light on this in the subsequent sections. Keep scrolling!

Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch

Yes. Wendy’s serves lunch. This means that Wendy’s dedicates a particular time of the day to serving its lunch menu, so if you crave Wendy’s lunch meals, you have to check in within this period to enable you to get their lunch menus. But does Wendy’s serve lunch all day is what we’re gonna find out in the next section.

Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch All Day

No. Wendy’s doesn’t serve lunch all day, which means that their lunch hours are time-framed, which depicts that they have specific times they serve lunch on both weekdays and weekends. By now, I guess that you’ll be eager to know the exact time that Wendy’s starts serving lunch. If I’m right, let’s quickly go to the next section.

When Does Wendy’s Start Serving Lunch

In this section, I am going to hit the nail on the head by x-raying Wendy’s lunch hours including their lunch opening and closing hours. Hope you are still with me.

Wendy’s starts serving lunch at 10:30 am but some of their branches start serving lunch at 11:00 am. This means that Wendy’s lunch hours start immediately after breakfast. Meanwhile, as I noted earlier, Wendy’s lunch hours are time-framed but even at that, they still serve lunch till closing time alongside dinner. On both weekdays and weekends, Wendy’s stops serving lunch at 1:00 am after midnight. 

This means that the lunch hours at Wendy’s usually start immediately after breakfast. However, the lunch hours at Wendy’s are time-framed which means that they don’t serve lunch all day but the good news is that once Wendy’s starts serving lunch, they don’t stop until closing hours(1:00 am). 

Ordinarily, Wendy’s lunch hours last for about twelve hours on weekends and weekdays which is enough for anyone who craves Wendy’s lunch meals. The table below summarizes Wendy’s lunch hours

S/NDayOpening HoursClosing Hours
1.Monday10:00 a.m -11:00 a.mClosing Time (1:00 a.m)
2.Tuesday10:00 a.m -11:00 a.mClosing Time (1:00 a.m)
3.Wednesday10:00 a.m -11:00 a.mClosing Time (1:00 a.m)
4.Thursday10:00 a.m -11:00 a.mClosing Time (1:00 a.m)
5.Friday10:00 a.m -11:00 a.mClosing Time (1:00 a.m)
6.Saturday11:00 a.m.Closing Time (1:00 a.m)
7.Sunday11:00 a.m.Closing Time (1:00 a.m)

From the above table, we can observe that Wendy’s usually starts serving lunch from (10:30 am or 11:00 am) to 1:00 am after midnight, which is their closing time. However, we observe that their lunch hours on weekends normally start from 11:00 am dot. 

What Time Does Wendy’s Stop Serving Lunch?

On both weekdays and weekends, Wendy’s stops serving lunch at 1:00 am after midnight. It would be recalled that lunch hours at Wendy’s last for about twelve hours daily. Having said that, this timing may vary slightly due to regional differences, hence it is best to contact them beforehand to avoid driving behind time.

Wendy’s Holidays Hours

Wendy’s knows the importance of holidays, hence they are open for services on most of the federal government-recognized holidays. However, if you want to enjoy your holidays to the fullest, it’s gonna make sense if you spice your holidays with yummy delicacies from Wendy’s. 

So, if you want to order Wendy’s on holiday, they’re always there for you to give you the maximum nutritional satisfaction you can ever think of. Wendy’s holidays hours are summarized below;

S/NHolidaysDateOperational Hours
1.New Year’s DayJan. 1Regular Hours
2.Martin Luther King Jr. DayJan. 17Regular Hours
3.Valentine’s DayFeb. 14Regular Hours
4.Presidents Day Feb. 21Regular Hours
5.St. Patrick’s DayMarch 17Regular Hours
6.Good FridayApril 15Regular Hours
7.Easter SundayApril 17Regular Hours
8.Easter MondayApril 18Regular Hours
9.Memorial DayMay 30Regular Hours
10.JuneteenthJune 19(Observed June 20)Regular Hours
11.Independence DayJuly 4Regular Hours
12.Labor DaySept. 5Regular Hours
13.Indigenous Peoples DayOctober 10Regular Hours
14.HalloweenOctober 31Regular Hours
15.Veterans DayNovember 11Regular Hours
16.Thanksgiving DayNovember 24Closed
17.New Year EveDecember 31Reduced Hours (Closes earlier)
18.Christmas EveDecember 24Regular Hours
19.Christmas DayDecember 25Closed

N/B; The holiday dates for Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Easter Sunday vary annually because it has been determined by the liturgical calendar, hence the dates are not consistent.

Wendy’s Frequently Asked Questions

Wendy’s Lunch Hours Sunday

On Sunday, Wendy’s lunch hours are from 11:00 am to 1:00 am after midnight. This means that their lunch hours last for about twelve hours on Sunday. So if you want to have a taste of Wendy’s lunch meals, then you must drive in within this time frame.

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