What to see in Berlin in 2022: guide from 1 to 5 days

What to see in Berlin in 2022:

  1. Alexanderplatz
  2. TV Tower (Fernsehturm)
  3. World Time Clock (Urania Weltzeituhr)
  4. Hotel Park Inn Berlin
  5. Palazzo del Municipio (Rotes Rathaus)
  6. St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche)
  7. Neptune Fountain (Begasbrunnen)
  8. St. Nicholas Church (Nikolaikirche)
  9. Ephraim-Palais
  10. Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
  11. Museum Island (Museumsinsel)
  12. Reichstag building, the German Parliament
  13. Taste German cuisine (you’ll love it)
  14. Memory Museum
  15. Potsdamer Platz
  16. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  17. Brandenburg Gate
  18. zoo
  19. Soviet memorial
  20. House of World Cultures
  21. Victory Column (Siegessaule)
  22. Berlin Zoo and Berlin Aquarium
  23. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
  24. department store of the west
  25. The boat on the river Spree
  26. Berlin Wall
  27. Checkpoint Charlie
  28. The Wall Asisi Panorama Berlin
  29. Museum of Topography of Terror
  30. Berlin gallery
  31. East Side Gallery
  32. Oberbaumbrucke Bridge
  33. The Berlin Tourist Bus
  34. Charlottenburg Palace
  35. The park that extends behind the Castle
  36. Museum Berggruen
  37. Villa Oppenheim, Museum Charlottenburg
  38. Market Hall Nine
  39. Molecule Man
  40. Soviet War Memorial – Treptower Park
  41. Spree Park
  42. Hamburg train station
  43. Berlin Museum of Photography
  44. Sachsenhausen concentration camp
  45. East Berlin
  46. Where to shop in Berlin
  47. Where to eat in Berlin

It’s the same question that gave birth to this guide full of photos, places and advice on what to see in Berlin in 2022.

Save it in your favorites and take it to Berlin with you because it’s worth it.

I’ll also tell you why.

The first time I arrived in Berlin I felt a bit lost.

So the first thing I did was do some research on Google and I must say that I found a lot of material but every blog and site showed me a different path.

So, map in hand, I entered this city and decided to write this guide which is divided into 5 days but which is also valid for those who stay for one day, two, three, a weekend or a few hours longer since it starts from the main places to see in the city up to the more specific ones.

If you are already in Berlin, save the article in your favorites and take it with you destination after destination, but if you still have to leave, read all the information in order to arrive prepared (and in order to book in advance the free visit to the Berlin Parliament as I will explain in the next chapters).

What to see in Berlin in 2022

You are about to visit one of the most beautiful capitals in the world,

a city rich in history that has left its mark along its streets,

up with the times but full of old-fashioned neighborhoods,

where modern architecture collides with that of the past,

where each neighborhood has its own soul,

where there is so much freedom to be.

The city is easy to get around, I advise you to keep Google Maps with you to visit Berlin as it allows you to see where you are and how to get from one destination to another on foot or by public transport.

Here is a virtual map of the city that will come in handy at any time.

Just arrived

You will most likely arrive at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport since it is where most of the flights from Italy and Europe arrive.

Getting to the center of Berlin is very easy and cheap thanks to a train that leaves from the airport and crosses the city.

Once you get off the plane, follow the signs (also in English and with a train station icon).

The train ticket costs just a few euros but if you have to stay a few days in the city you should opt for a season ticket.

I did the one for a week which cost around 37 euros, choosing zones A, B and C (practically all of Berlin).

Once the ticket has been validated, this also applies to the train that takes you from the airport to the city.

You can find the ticket machines just before the train station (you can choose the English language but there is no Italian).

If you have difficulty there are the staff who can help you with their German accented English.

Once in possession of the ticket (which is on paper) stamp it on the first machine you find and from that moment on it will be valid for the entire duration of the pass you have chosen.

Get on the first surface train and go to central Berlin where our itinerary begins.

In my opinion, public transport is well organized and convenient, however if you want to opt for a taxi or similar services you can book a Transfer in Berlin comfortably online which also provides for free cancellation within 24 hours before your arrival.

Where to sleep in Berlin? There are many neighborhoods and places where you can stay without having to spend a lot.

I chose an apartment in the Hermannplatz district where I found myself very comfortable.

The area is central, reached by the subway and many other surface means, even if you can reach the city center in a few minutes on foot.

There are many accommodations in other fairly central districts so I advise you not to end up too much in the suburbs (if, on the other hand, you find some offers, don’t be afraid to accept them since Berlin is well connected and the center can be reached quickly from anywhere in the city).

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