What Sasha Monik Reveals About Her Relationship With Lan ?

What Sasha Monik Reveals About Her Relationship With Lan ?

Sasha Monik has been making waves as a breakthrough artist in the Russian ballad scene, but her success isn’t just limited to her singing. Her quirky personality and endearing vocal performances make her a YouTube sensation! In this blog article, Sasha Monik reveals some of the secrets behind what makes her unique!

Sasha Monik Relationship With Lan

Sasha Monik is a singer and songwriter who has been in a relationship with musician Lan since January of this year. Sasha has been very candid about her relationship with Lan, revealing details about their relationship and what it’s like being in one. Here are some of the most exciting things Sasha has shared:

1. Sasha and Lan first met on Instagram.

2. They started dating shortly after getting to know each other better.

3. Sasha says that she is “really into” Lan and loves everything about him.

4. Sasha and Lan have been trying to have a baby for over a year but have not been able to conceive.

5. Sasha says that she is “absolutely terrified” that something will happen to Lan, but he makes her feel so safe and loved that she can’t imagine living without him.

Soulful Voice

Sasha Monik, a founder of Soulful Voice, has an exciting story about her relationship with Lan. Sasha and Lan met at a networking event in 2016 and started talking. Lan was immediately drawn to Sasha’s soulful voice, and they started dating soon after. 

The two were incredibly happy together and enjoyed spending time together. However, their relationship suffered a major setback in May of 2018 when Sasha found out that Lan had been cheating on her with another woman for over two years. Despite this challenging news, Sasha persevered and decided to move on with her life. 

Today, Sasha is happier than ever and credits Lan for helping her grow and learn more about herself. She says their breakup was the best thing to have ever happened to her because it forced her to confront her flaws and make tough decisions. 

Sasha is an inspiring woman who has dealt with a lot of heartache in her life, but she has never given up on love. Her story reminds us that true love never fails to shine, no matter the odds.

Russian Ballads

In a new interview, Sasha Monik, one of the contestants on “The Voice,” opened up about her romantic relationship with fellow singer Lan Jackson. According to Monik, she and Jackson have been dating for two years and share a close relationship.

“We are very close. We spend all our time together; we text each other constantly,” Monik said. “He’s my best friend.”

Monik spoke about her admiration for Jackson and how their love story has inspired her. “He’s an amazing person, and I am so lucky to be with him,” she said.

Monik also discussed her decision to audition for “The Voice” and how it has helped her career. She credited the show with helping her connect with fans across the globe.

“I would never have thought this would happen, but now my music is being heard worldwide,” she said. “It feels great.”

Sasha Monik’s Growing Success

Since being discovered by Facebook at the tender age of 13, Sasha Monik has become a household name. Her catchy tunes, relatable lyrics, and adorable videos have amassed millions of views and fans worldwide. In this blog section, we look closely at Sasha’s journey and what makes her special.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Sasha started singing early. She loved nothing more than belting out her favourite songs with her family and friends in the car. Her passion for music multiplied; before she knew it, she performed on stages around Toronto.

In 2013, at 13, Sasha was discovered on Facebook through a video of her cover of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” After seeing this video, Facebook contacted Sasha to ask if she would be willing to audition for their new music program, “The Voice Canada”. After testing for the show and making it through to the live rounds, Sasha was announced as one of the finalists.

During the live rounds of The Voice Canada, Sasha sang her original song, “Sasha’s Song.”

The truth of Her Relationship With Lan

As Sasha Monik shares details of her relationship with Lan, it becomes clear that the two have a powerful bond. Sasha is candid about their relationship’s ups and downs and the things they have gone through together. She reveals that their love is accurate, and they have been through a lot together. Lan has also been supportive throughout their relationship, which is very important to Sasha.


Sasha Monik and Lan, AKA Sasha X and Rihanna’s former bodyguard have been exchanging words on social media lately. Monik has accused Lan of physical violence and emotional manipulation. In her latest post, Monik addresses the rumours that she is pregnant by Lan. She writes: “This pregnancy business is a load of bullshit! I’m pregnant; no way! All you need to know about my relationship with Lan is this; he used to be my best friend & then we broke up because I didn’t want children but now that he wants them back? Willing to do whatever it takes two make him happy, which includes becoming his baby mama! Lol. This isn’t real life people let go of your fantasies n get inspired by some REALNESS instead!!!!!!!”

Monik’s rant reveals something important about the complicated dynamics between her and Lan: they are still friends — at least according to Monik — but their relationship has taken a turn for the worse in recent months.

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