What is a Bridge? See how to play the most basic Bridge card

How to play Bridge is gradually becoming a popular card game in the gambling world in Vietnam. This game is slick, so it requires a bettor’s ingenuity to win. Don’t worry, today the following article will share with you information about Bridge as well as tips to win big and don’t forget to register at vn88.

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About the song “Bridge”

Bridge is a card game with a history spanning nearly a century. This is a card game that first appeared in New York in 1893 and came to London in 1894. The way to play Bridge is complex, requiring intelligence and player acquisition.

Because the game is tactical, memory-oriented, it is not as popular as Poker or Baccarat. But before 1900, Bridge dominated the traditional card game clubs. To play Bridge requires players to have high skills in memory and mastery of skills.

Today, the development of science and technology has helped Bridge become a real playground for those who are passionate about this card game. If you have not tried this interesting game, you will definitely regret it!

Is bridge difficult to play?

The rules of Bridge are quite simple, but the deeper you go, the more complicated they become. Each game step requires tactics like floor laying (bids), counting, extra rules, and confusing side games. This confuses beginners or even casual players.

Top Bidding Technique

Always find & sort sets that are as similar as possible. Don’t complicate the process for bidding. If you work well with your teammates, keep increasing this number.

Don’t be too greedy, support your teammates or overcome opponents. You can stop bidding as soon as possible.

The minimum range is 12 – 15 points for the initial offer, 6-10 points for the responder. If you have the minimum score (13-15 banker points, 6-10 opponent team points).


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