Training for Beginners of the Cisco Exam in 2023

The Implementing and Administering Cisco Exam course consists of lecture sessions, tests, and laboratories. An instructor leads it. You will learn how to set up, run, configure, and test basic IPv4 and IPv6 networks throughout this 5-day course. So you will master these skills through lectures, hands-on laboratories, and independent study.

You can’t find a better companion than a book.

There is no substitute for a good book when it comes to providing answers to questions and making things more understandable. According to Cisco Exam, to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate, you are required to read two books. Which two books are you referring to?

The CCNA Preparation Library, Compiled by Stephen McQuerry

This book bears the Cisco brand and has been given their blessing. People who want to study on their own and be ready for the test will find this an excellent tool. Most of the study material in this book is found in Parts 1 and 2 of “Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices.” In addition, all of their concepts, hypotheses, and terminology are presented here.

Todd Lammle wrote the study guide for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification.

Professionals and specialists frequently advise students preparing to take the CCNA exam in the field of CCNA certification to read this book. The fact that it is free of charge and that Todd Lammle has written four full-length practice questions contributes to the popularity of this resource among applicants. You will also receive instructions on Cisco network equipment while enrolled in this class.

Participate in the Cisco Community.

No matter where you do it, joining an online community should always be considered a positive decision. The greater the number of people working on a problem, the greater the likelihood of finding a solution. In addition to this, having a variety of perspectives makes the discussion much more engaging. These discussions contribute to broadening the scope of the research. Even though they would rather not participate in the conversation, introverts can share their thoughts. Forums are a fantastic method to get people to talk to and learn more about one another.

A Guide for Studying the CCNA Exam

The website for Cisco.

You can locate the following resources on the website of Cisco:

  • A rundown of the CCNA certification process (PDF file, 68 Kb)
  • You will be provided with all the information you require regarding the topic in this section. It also demonstrates the benefits that getting the certification will bring to you.

Questions that are asked repeatedly

You will be able to reach your destination with the assistance of this guidance. Therefore, the answers to your concerns regarding the test can be found here.


If you want to learn new strategies to study and achieve the best score possible on the test, you should take a practice test. When you examine your responses, you will be able to determine the areas in which you require additional study and the degree to which you achieved the objectives of the test. In addition, consider participating in online 101 labs to improve the quality of your preparation.

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