The main trends of ultramodern education

 The humanization of education is the recognition of a person as the main social value. ultramodern education takes into account the precedences of education, which focuses on the individual capacities of the pupil in education, aimed at carrying knowledge in individual disciplines. Through similar training, it’s easy to understand the pupil’s capacities, meet his requirements in the field of education and cultivate tone- regard.

 Humanitarianization helps a person to understand church, expand thinking, form a complete picture of the girding light and a system of values. On the base of a universal culture, different mortal aspects will be suitable to develop, taking into account the private requirements and objective conditions of the existent, which directly depend on the position of material and labor force eventuality of education. Such a trend in education as nationalization determines the public exposure of education. Education requires constant development, but is grounded on literal features and folk traditions. Education contributes to the preservation and loss of public values. The ultramodern educational system should be open. Learning objects should be determined not only by the state, but also take into account the opinions of scholars, parents and preceptors. Openness is another educational trend to which the classes are subject. Educational programs need a knowledge base and should be fluently supplemented. At the same time, artistic, indigenous, ethnical and other features are taken into account.

 ultramodern education needs to shift the attention of the schoolteacher from educational work to productive educational, cognitive, labor, cultural and other conditioning of the pupil. Culture should encourage a person to productive work, only in this case it’ll fulfill the function of personality development. It’s better to master the culture is possible by doing a variety of work that’s meaningful to a person. The approach of exertion to literacy will help to endow theoretical pedagogical tasks with the particular meaning of mortal work. preliminarily, instructional forms of education were frequently used, which moment have desisted to be applicable. ultramodern education requires the use of rudiments of defining and expanding problems, scientific exploration, individual exertion, and commerce between scholars. It’s important to realize the transition from reduplication to understanding and appreciation, the operation of the acquired knowledge in practice.

 Moment it’s important to give scholars the occasion for tone- protestation and tone- consummation, which helps to establish tone- association. schoolteacher and pupil are collaborators. The metamorphosis of forms of commerce depends on the change in the places and functions of all actors in the literacy process. According to ultramodern trends in the development of education, a schoolteacher should be suitable to spark, motivate, form motives, encourage tone- development, take into account the exertion of scholars, produce conditions for individual movement forward. There’s a certain sequence from the schoolteacher’s help in working educational problems and tasks at the original position of education, to the maximum independent regulation in literacy and the emergence of connections between the pupil and the schoolteacher. During the transition from mentoring to collaboration, it’s important to maintain respect for the schoolteacher on the part of the pupil.

 The incarnation of the creative side of education and the use of the creative process will help the pupil to fluently go through the stage of individual growth and development, satisfaction from the result. Creativity contributes to carrying positive feelings from the educational process. Strict regulation of the literacy process is formerly in the history. To date, the schoolteacher is free from the rules and regulations. This will help to achieve an effective result and make training collectively targeted. The result of any work requires evaluation. This will help to understand the position of effectiveness of training. The assessment is made according to certain conditions and norms, unified anyhow of the form and specifics of education.

 durability of education is an important trend in the development of education. It contributes to the deepening of knowledge and helps to achieve integrity in education and parenting. durability of education will help transfigure the acquired knowledge throughout mortal life. The commerce of education and training is important. numerous educational institutions don’t have an educational function. Only with the commerce of training and education is it possible to form a personality. Technological progress is moving forward, which affects the educational process. ultramodern technologies should be present in new styles. It’s important to use the information entered rightly and be suitable to apply it in real life.

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