Squares Vape Cartridge: How to Use and Why They’re the Best

As its name suggests, a square vape cartridge is a type of cartridge that has a squares-shaped design. This type of cartridge is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers several benefits over traditional cartridges. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using square vape cartridges and why more and more people are choosing them over other available alternatives.

Why Use a Square Vape Cartridge?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a square vape cartridge. First, square cartridges are easier to fill than traditional ones. This is because the opening of the cartridge is larger, making it simpler to pour e-liquid into. Additionally, the larger opening also makes it easier to clean the cartridge if needed.

Square cartridges tend to have more consistent airflow than traditional cartridges. This results in a better vaping experience, as you will not have to worry about uneven airflow that can cause your e-liquid to taste burnt. Square vape cartridges also tend not to leak as often as traditional ones. This is because the seal on a square cartridge is more secure, preventing e-liquid from seeping out.

Difference Between Vape Cartridges

While there are many different types of vape cartridges, the two most common are traditional and square. 

Traditional cartridges have cylindrical shapes and tend to be shorter and narrower than square ones. Square cartridges are just as they sound. They have a square shape and are typically wider than traditional cartridges.

How Do You Use A Square Vape Cartridge?

Using a square vape cartridge is just like using any other type of cartridge. Simply remove the cap, screw on the battery, and inhale. 

If you’re using a refillable cartridge, fill the chamber with your desired amount of e-liquid before screwing on the battery. Once it’s filled, put the cap back on and screw on the battery.

Is A Square Vape Cartridge Compatible With Any Device?

Just like traditional and oblong cartridges, square vape cartridges are compatible with a 510-threaded battery. This means that just about any vape pen on the market will be able to screw on and use a square cartridge. 

Additionally, many square vape cartridges come with magnetic adapters. These allow you to use the cartridge with a device that doesn’t have a 510-threaded connection.

Does A Square Vape Cartridge Offer Better Vapor Production?

There is no real difference in vapor production between different shapes of vape cartridges. The size of the cartridge will not affect how much vapor is produced. However, the type of coil inside the cartridge will affect vapor production. If you want to maximize vapor production, look for a cartridge with a ceramic coil.


As you can see, there are several benefits to using a square vape cartridge. They are easy to use, offer better portability, and can be used with various devices. If you’re looking for a new cartridge, consider a square one. You just might be surprised to see how well it works.

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