Sports trading: what it is and the best strategies to win

In recent years, investors who seek to create attractive profits are always looking for new solutions to achieve success, such as sports trading , breaking away from the usual products offered by banks and financial institutions which are often very safe but therefore also not very profitable.

My name is Filippo Accorinti, born in 1979, a lover of freedom and profit.
I have been a passionate Sports Trader since 2014, and only a few years later, in 2016, I managed to free myself from a job that weighed like a ton and literally raped my time with my dreams of freedom.

I created in 2018 to help many people earn on the Betting Exchange.

The advent of technology , and more precisely the internet, has led to the creation of new places where you can make investments, which today allow you to obtain interesting earnings.

When it comes to modern investments , one of the best options available is that of online trading, which attracts more and more people thanks to increasingly easier use of platforms, increasingly attractive welcome bonuses and many investment options.

Furthermore, within this new investment frontier, over time there have been numerous strategies that have been put in place to win, the last of these being the one called sports trading .

In our article we will go into detail on this topic, making a complete journey that will lead us to know what it is specifically, how to put it into practice in the best way and which platforms it is possible to use it on.

Best for sports trading

The first thing we are going to see about sports trading , before going into detail about its description and the various systems, is which are the best platforms on which this new type of trading approach can be used.


Betflair is the first sports trading platform to adopt the betting exchange system , i.e. to compare those who bet on the occurrence of an event, i.e. those who bet in the classic way , and those who bet on the non-occurrence of that event (for example you bet on the fact that Roma will not win in that match). These are said to “bank”. The two types of bets , in the event that the two parties agree on the odds, are matched.

Thanks to the ease of use and intuitiveness of the platform, it is also ideal for beginners.

Betting against other users eliminates the need to apply that margin which traditional bookmakers usually apply on fixed odds, thus giving the market the possibility of being much more advantageous and efficient.

To better understand how all this works, just go to the home page of the platform and read the regulation.

Bet flag

The Betflag platform can be defined as multifaceted, as it is not only one of the main realities in the world of sports betting, but also has a large number of other games on which to invest your money in search of profit.

Overall, there are about 300 games, and this tells us that we are dealing with a high-level betting site, which allows for a very vast diversification of one’s gaming experience.

On Betflag today there are really many users who flock to the sports betting pages which are very rich, as it is possible to operate on any type of known sport.

In addition to this, table games, Video poker and Blackjack are also very innovative and sought after by users, bearing in mind that you can choose whether to play on static pages or launch yourself into a more suggestive and fascinating live area, which is built and designed to be the ultimate for live game lovers.

What is sports trading

The time has come to give a precise definition to the term sports trading, basically what is it? Talking about trading when talking about bets seems to use an irrelevant term, as we know that trading means operating in the world of forex and financial assets.

However, this system has also found a place in the world of betting, as sports trading provides that the odds relating to one’s bets can also be sold during the match to those who want to buy them, and trading has reason to exist since, as we know depending on the progress of the race, the odds change and are different from the initial ones.

It is undoubtedly the new frontier of trading , which combines two different types of investment that different people usually draw on to try to make profits.

Sports trading: how it works

Broadly speaking, we have already been able to understand how sports trading works , but to further simplify the explanation, let’s say that in this case what are the assets in normal trading , here are the sports bets , while the price is replaced by the odds of the sport events.

Let’s take the example of a football match where the tie is given at 3.00 and the bet is placed before it starts. During the tender, if the result undergoes variations, the quota will change, and it will be possible to decide during the entire tender to be able to sell the quota to anyone who wants to buy it, at any time.

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