Some Interesting, Yet Little-Known, Facts about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The 96-year-old monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has died. The news has shocked the nation, and many people, including celebrities and royal enthusiasts, have taken to social media to express their sorrow. 

As the world mourns the death of the longest-reigning British monarch, many of us are reflecting on her life with great fondness. There is so much to remember about Her Majesty, from her wonderful relationship with Prince Philip (who passed away last year at the age of 99) to some of her most iconic fashion moments and feminist moves. 

Despite her status as one of the most well-known individuals in the world, Queen Elizabeth II still has many secrets to reveal, from world records to her role in WWII. Before diving deep into the article, check this Popular Book at bookslike that you would definitely don’t wanna miss. 

Interesting Little-Known Facts about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

  • The Queen Could Drive Without a License

Her Majesty did not need to take a test (or five) to become a legal driver, unlike the rest of us. In fact, only the king was exempt from requiring a driver’s license before being permitted to use public roadways in the United Kingdom. Not only did The Queen not have a driver’s license, but she also did not have a passport. Since neither document was issued in her name, she was not legally obligated to have one. 

  • The Monarch Had a Native French Accent

Her Majesty spoke fluent French and frequently utilized the language for audiences and royal engagements when visiting. 

  • One of the Queen’s Messages Was Delivered To the Moon

A metal box containing a prerecorded message from Her Majesty was left on the Moon on July 21, 1969, to congratulate the Apollo 11 crew on the first manned landing on another celestial body. 

  • The Queen Took a Daily Bath in Seven Inches of Water

Yes, we agree that that is a pretty narrow definition. On the other hand, Her Majesty turned out to be a very particular kind of woman. The Queen’s maid would give her a bath every day while she sipped her morning tea. Angela Kelly, the Queen’s former personal assistant, said that the water level in the monarch’s bath must be kept at a comfortable seven inches, and the water temperature must be checked with a wooden-cased thermometer. 

  • The Queen Had More International Experience than Any Previous British Monarch

A well-traveled queen of the British throne has never ruled than Queen Elizabeth II. She traveled to almost a hundred different nations throughout her reign, including Canada 22 times and France 13 times. 

  • Even the Queen Had Her Own ATM Machine

While it’s unlikely that the Queen will ever need to withdraw cash, she does have her own special ATM in the basement of Buckingham Palace. The ATM provided by Coutts Bank is reserved for use by members of the British Royal Family alone. Need to buy one for yourself? According to Tatler, if you deposit roughly $1.3 million into your Coutts account, you won’t be charged any fees. So, we are out of luck. 

  • During World War II, the Queen Drove a Vehicle for the Military As A Volunteer 

Queen Elizabeth II, who was then known as Princess Elizabeth, served in the military as a truck driver and mechanic during World War II. She was the first female member of the British Royal Family to do so. 

  • The Monarch Did the Dishes by Herself

You might be astonished to learn that Her Majesty, who is more commonly associated with the Crown Jewels than a pot of Marigolds, cleaned her own dishes on numerous occasions. After a shooting lunch, a courtier reportedly told royal researcher and novelist Harry Mount, “I heard someone say, ‘I’ll do the washing-up.’ I looked around, and there was the Queen in her yellow washing-up gloves. 

  • More Than 300,000 Greeting Cards Were Sent Out By the Monarch to Her Loyal Subjects

Queen Elizabeth II, in her role as head of the British Monarchy, has sent over 300,000 congratulatory cards to persons celebrating their 100th birthdays and over 900,000 notes to couples honoring their diamond (60th) wedding anniversary. 

  • Over Thirty Corgis Belonged To the Queen

The Queen’s affection for corgis was well-known, but the fact that she owned more than 30 of them during her reign—and as many as nine at once—may come as somewhat of a shock. Most of the corgis owned by Her Majesty were derived from Susan, a dog given to her on her 18th birthday in 1944. Candy, Lissy, and Monty were some of her other corgis. Adorable! 

  • Over The Course of Her Reign, the Queen Posed For Over Two Hundred Official Photographs

While many of us today may be unfamiliar with the practice of sitting for a painted portrait in this day of selfies and Snapchats, Her Majesty sat for well over 200 official portraits (both painted and photographed) throughout her reign. In 1933, when she was just seven years old, the Queen had her first official portrait commissioned. 

  • Queen Elizabeth II Used Ration Coupons to Purchase Her Wedding Gown

To continue with the WWII theme, the fabric for Princess Elizabeth’s wedding dress had to be purchased with clothes ration coupons after the war ended due to postwar austerity policies in the UK. British Heritage claims that the government let her to use 200 ration coupons in addition to the normal 100. 

  • The Sydney Opera House was inaugurated by the Queen

One of the most recognizable symbols of Australia is undoubtedly the Sydney Opera House. Thus, it was only natural that the most recognizable structure in Australia was inaugurated by one of the most admired women in the world: Queen Elizabeth II opened the famous edifice on October 20, 1973. 

  • As Monarch, the Queen Attended and Hosted Thousands upon Thousands of Events

During her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II attended over 21,000 official events. 

  • The Greggs Bakery Once Belonged to the Queen 

Gallagher Retail Park in Cheltenham, where you may enjoy a very regal Greggs, is one of the fourteen retail parks and three shopping centers that were owned (or were jointly owned) by the Queen through the British Crown’s estate empire. 

  • Records Set By Queen Elizabeth II 
    • The longest-reigning British monarch was Her Majesty.
    • Until Her Majesty’s great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, passed away at the age of 81, the Queen was officially the oldest British monarch in the history of the United Kingdom and the Guinness Book of World Records. 
    • Once upon a time, Queen Elizabeth II held the title for the most often featured person on currency. 
    • There had never been a more prosperous queen than this one.

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