Reasons Why You Should Visit Dongguan At Least Once

Dongguan is a city filled with vibrancy, vigor, and life in general. The city may appear to be an unorthodox choice for a sightseeing-centered vacation. Do not lose hope despite the fact that it comes as a pleasant surprise to find that Dongguan was awarded China’s “National Excellence in Tourism” award; despite this, you should not lose hope. Permit me to explore briefly its historical and tourist attractions.

If you adore food, you will fall in love with Dongguan due to the gourmet delights it has to offer and the way it causes your stomach to grumble. Along Houjie Street, snack bars offer ready-to-go sample sizes of regional cuisines. If you’re planning to explore Dongguan. Without any doubt, start planning, make cathay pacific bookings in any class and save up to 60% off on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, let this friendly guide show you some of the most popular tourist attractions.

The Abundant Vegetation of Keyuan Garden and Beyond

It is fascinating to learn that the Keyuan Garden was built during the Qing Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. The blossoming temple is found in Guangdong Province, which is home to four highly acclaimed gardens. Getting to the garden is as easy as taking one of the buses numbered 16, 15, or 31; if you want to get there, make sure you take one of these buses.

Found the fascinating Opium War Museum

When it was initially completed in 1957, the Opium War Museum was known as the Lin Zuxu Memorial. This was done in remembrance of the great man who commanded the elimination of opium and launched the Opium War in China. Visitors can observe exhibits such as “Opium Prohibition and History of the Opium War Exhibition” and “The Naval Battle Half View at Humen,” which provide a genuine education on the Opium War as well as an opportunity for individuals to demonstrate patriotism.

The party (and the cuisine) is in Houjie Town. It’s Almost Like You Can’t Stop

The nightlife scene in Dongguan has been described as a utopia by tourists. Virtually every nearby community has a local entertainment venue. As an illustration, consider the city of Houjie. It is without a doubt the venue in Dongguan that attracts the biggest number of individuals in the evening who are seeking a lively and exciting atmosphere.

Songshan Lake Park: Dongguan Oasis

Ah, Songshan Lake Park. Despite its handy location in the heart of Dongguan, this superb location offers guests a respite from the city’s nonstop activity. Because the lake is busier on weekends, you should plan your vacation around those days. The lake is too large to circumnavigate on foot, so hiring a bicycle is your best bet if you wish to fully appreciate the area’s natural splendor. 

Beijing’s Qifeng Park is an additional gorgeous natural park

The picturesque and historic Huangqi Temple is located in Qifeng Park, which encompasses a total area of 243 hectares (600 acres) and is also home to several newer attractions, such as the Gate Tower, Qifeng Lake, and Qifeng Park Square. Mount Huangqi can be found in Qifeng Park and is the first of Dongguan’s Eight Legendary Landscapes. A fascinating fact is that a nearby old well is rumored to possess mystical powers. It is stated that members of the government who drink water from this well become more honest and upright.

Dongwan Guanyin, the breathtaking mountain

Before reaching the monument on Dongwan Guanyin Mountain, you must trek a considerable distance; therefore, you should have walking shoes and lots of stamina. The nearly seven-kilometer-long promenade offers a beautiful view of the region’s luxuriant greenery.

How to reach Dongguan?

By air

The city of Dongguan is located within the Pearl River Delta, China’s most prosperous region and home to a concentration of international airports. Even though Dongguan does not have its own airport. So travelers take flights to Guangzhou to reach here. The city’s well-developed public transportation allows travelers to easily access the airports of neighboring towns. 

By train

Getting to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, as well as a number of China’s other major cities, is most convenient via rail. In close proximity are the Guangzhou Railway Station and the Shenzhen Railway Station, both of which are accessible to travelers.

By road

The city of Dongguan has an incredibly well-designed and user-friendly transportation highway network. There are buses that travel to major Chinese cities as well as Hong Kong, Guangdong Province, and Macau.


Dongguan is able to present visitors and inhabitants with a real sense of Chinese history because it is home to both the Humen Bridge and the Opium War Museum. Yufeng Garden and Qifeng Park, located in the heart of the city, have contributed to the city’s reputation as an environmentally aware tourist destination. so, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip with AirlinesMap and experience the best of city offers..!!

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