Know the facts about MacBook 12in m7

If you are planning to get a Macbook 12in and are looking for a Macbook 12in m7 review then this is the best blog for you as in this article we are going to assist you about the same and will let you know if it is a good investment or not. So, let us get started to know about the Macbook 12in 7m.

Storage of Macbook 12in m7

Macbook 12 is the entry level model of Apple and it will offer you a variety of storage which depends on the colour you have opted for. Both its colours which are silver and space grey have 256GB hard drive storage for you. 

Along with this both of these have 8 GB RAM which will help in its smooth functioning. 

Screen size, resolution and dimension of Macbook 12in m7

Macbook 12in m7 is designed for graphic design, video editing and other applications which means the screen is all good to use. And if you are working online and you need wider space to check your emails and other things then also you can consider this laptop. 

The retina display of this device is just fantastic and you will encounter no issues with it and you can use it. 

Display of Macbook 12in m7

Display of the Macbook 12in m7 is stunning with a resolution of 1440x 900 pixels and aspect ratio of 16:10. This means you will get text displayed with great clarity and it appears good. 

The colour accuracy of Mac book 12in is amazing also with a 94 percent score in Adorama display test. 

Battery life of Macbook 12in m7

The battery life of any laptop is crucial and it is more critical when you are using an ultra portable type laptop. So, before choosing a model you must have a look at the battery life of the device and till how much time it can work. Apple Macbok has a 41.4 Wh Li-poly battery which works up to 10 hours. 

We hope that the information which we offered you about Mac book was useful enough for you to decide whether you want to buy macbook 12 or not. To know about Macbooks and other things you should try accessing Way Binary website on your device which will offer you with all the information you need. And since this site is easy to access you will be able to find all the information quickly and easily.

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