Get KBC Head Office Official Number 2023

KBC fans can get information on the KBC lottery winner 2023 and their KBC lottery registration. KBC Head Office Number 2023 is working to help KBC lottery users with customer care. Rana Pratab Singh is in charge of his KBC supervisor and his contact number is 19197097959. You can lodge a complaint with Rana Pratab Singh about any misconduct or inappropriate behaviour of the KBC Helpline Supervisor.

What is KBC Headquarters?

The most frequently asked question by people is what is KBC Headquarters? KBC Head Office 2023 acts as customer care for KBC lottery users. If you want to play KBC Lucky Draw, you have to go to his KBC headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Prior to this, after all the draws, the list of shortlisted winners will be placed at his KBC headquarters and the winner of the KBC lottery with his Rs. 

However, KBC introduced its KBC contact number for users to get in touch and answer questions, so there is no need to go to the KBC office. The KBC Lottery Helpline is 19197097959.

Some websites are fake offering fake lottery numbers and winning information about KBC lottery winners. These websites are fake and scammers. don’t believe them. We provide his actual KBC HQ number which is 19197097959.

KBC Headquarters Delhi

If you have won the KBC lottery and want to get information about it or cash your lottery ticket into your bank account, you need to call the Delhi office. Also, the customer support team number in Delhi is 19197097959. Complaints cannot be registered with KBC Headquarters Delhi.

In 2023, KBC Lottery 25 lakh is changing people’s lives by winning prizes of 25 Lakh. Only by registering for KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2023 can you win KBC Lottery 25 Lakh. To register for KBC Lottery Lucky Draw, he should call KBC Whatsapp Number 19197097959 on Whatsapp.

KBC lottery number:

Lucky Numbers: 7,8,14,23 – Bonus 18.KBC 25 Thousand Rupees Lottery. In this lottery, he will give 2.5 lakh rupees to the winners to help him during this Corona pandemic. This is an opportunity that only KBC offers. The winner will be sent a message on his mobile number that he has won Rs 250,000. This is 19197097959 is his KBC headquarters Kolkata number where the winner will receive his 25 lakh cash in the account.

Indian sim numbers start with a number, so this will scam you, cut your money, call you and report it to your nearest KBC office.

Our services and policies:

KBC offers many services such as online lottery checks for 5000 SIM cards, a lucky draw winners list, WhatsApp contact numbers to contact managers, and sending digital payments to a bank account. Real-time support for lottery safety insurance, easy access to all our policies and services for free on the app, and transfer winnings to your account.

Why did KBC dismiss your claim?

Because you call our branch and complain about us, people say KBC cheated you and asked you to return my money. It’s the floor where participants attend game shows, and his proforma and luck give him a chance to win big. Cut.

All Indians have many problems, but the main one is that they are innocent and straightforward. Scammers are big liars.No need to inquire, search for details such as buildings, or share your business information with anyone who doesn’t know your Aadhaar card address. When he blocks you, you go to your browser and search about his KBC official website calling us. It is your responsibility to verify whether the person contacting you is real or fake. Then give away prizes or transfer money to your Schemers account.

In May 2023, Sachem’s Complaints Chart hits 87% out of 100 for him. Your care is in your hands and they are giving you a billionaire offer to win 25,00,000 rupees. Do not believe. The schemers do not know what will happen to them. It tracks you and parks you on the road like in PUBG games. You are not entitled to file a complaint against KBC Company. Every Indian becomes his KBC that focuses on life goals.

About KBC’s official website

KBC’s first show took place on July 3, 2000. KBC’s first show started on Star Plus. Moderated by Amitabh Bachchan. The show was named Kaun Banega Crorepati. This program was in Hindi. A question-style show in which Mr Amitabh Bachchan asks a question and gives the correct answer. The show has him in 13 seasons, and the 14th season he will follow in 2023.

Here I will explain KBC official website and the KBC lottery

KBC Lottery started in 2023. When the coronavirus came to India to help the poor, KBC sponsored KBC 25 lakh lottery and the winner won up to Rs 2,500,000. These prices continue to fluctuate, sometimes as high as 2,000,000 messages and sometimes as high as 3,500,000 messages via KBC. Please note that KBC does not message anyone on WhatsApp. KBC will only send messages with mobile phone numbers.

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