How To Start A Super Successful Personal Training Firm

Your personal training business has been on your mind for a while. Now, you are ready make that dream a reality.

That’s quite exciting, right?!

But you’re certainly not the only person who wants to be a personal trainer. You seem to want to be a personal training professional these days. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2024, fitness training is expected to grow by at most 8 percent.

This means there’s more competitors than ever. How can you succeed where other people have failed? How are you going stand out in a crowd?

These questions can be scary for people who start a personal coaching business.

It’s not surprising that you, as a fitness coach, are used to competing with others. It’s not difficult to separate yourself from the rest of the pack if you know where you can start.

This article will give you some tips to get your personal-training business off to a great start.

Steps to starting a personal training company

Get Certified

First of all, if you are looking to start your own personal training business, it is important to become certified. Depending on which type of training your business offers, you need to get certified before you can accept clients.

It gives clients confidence that you can deliver the best services. It shows your clients that they have the necessary knowledge to achieve success.

You should also ensure you have the proper safety certifications. Most fitness certification companies will require you to have three certificates.

These include:

First aid


Automatic Defibrillator

In order to protect your business from lawsuits, ensure you are aware of the certifications you require.

Get to know your clients

It is important to know where clients come from if you are to gain and retain clients. Remember that your clients are coming to you because of the fact that you are the expert. They are not like you and don’t think as you do.

You won’t find as many clients who are as dedicated to fitness and health as you. If they were, they wouldn’t hire you. They will not be able do what comes easily to you.

Understanding the motivations behind each client is crucial. Each client will be different. Make sure you take the time for each client to fully understand their motivations. It is important to get to know each client well before beginning your training program.

Ask them questions about their life, goals and habits. Which types of physical activity do they love the most? Are they the type of person who prefers to do their exercise on their own? Or are they happy to chat while they exercise?

These types of questions can help you place yourself in the shoes your client. This will help you to train them more efficiently and allow you to have a deeper bond with them.

People want to know that you are interested in what they’re trying to achieve. They want you to get them the results and they are willing to pay for it.

Concentrate on Specializing

This part can sound a little scary. Although it may sound counterintuitive, focusing on one niche can be a great idea. This can be counterintuitive at first, but if done correctly, it will help you eliminate most of the competition and bring in more clients.

If you really want to have loyal clients, then you should consider specializing in a specific type of client. Fear of losing customers is the reason why many business owners avoid this step. It is not in the best interest of customers to refuse business.

This is the key: If you can concentrate on one type or customer, you will be more attractive to customers who are similar to your target. For example, if potential customers see you are the expert marathon training they’ll be much more likely choose you than someone more general.

Here are some examples.

  • Senior citizens
  • Young athletes
  • Bodybuilders
  • For those who are physically handicapped
  • People who just want to lose some weight
  • Cross trainers
  • Professionals who can’t work because they are too busy

Of course, you have many other options. It’s simply a matter finding the niche that works best for your needs.

Get Insured

This is a common mistake that business owners make. It’s easy to forget. You get so focused on the idea of acquiring clients that your eyes forget to protect you.

Don’t make the mistake of operating uninsured. It’s like driving a car without collision insurance. Sure, you don’t expect anything bad to happen. But you never know. When you invest in the right professional liability insurance, you can ensure that you will be protected.

Do your online marketing right

Let me take the role of Captain Obvious. To start a personal-training business, you will need clients.

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