How to Save Someone’s, Snapchat Story?

On Snapchat, you may put up an image, video, or GIF for your friends to view, and the Snapchat story final 24 hours. When viewing several saved Snapchat stories, you may come upon something exciting that you would love to keep for later.

Can you keep someone’s Snapchat story? It’s feasible to store a person’s Snapchat tale, however, they’ll recognize it while you capture a screenshot in their story.

This guide covers the way to save a person’s tale through the use of the Snapchat app. Further, it discusses how to secretly hold a duplicate of a person’s Snapchat story through the use of different 1/3-party tools for Android and iOS. Let’s get into it!

How To Save Someone’s Snapchat Story

Use the steps under:

  1. Open your Snapchat.
  2. Click your Snapchat profile icon and discover the Snap you want to keep.
  3. Tapping the Snap will open it.
  4. To take a screenshot:
  • On Android: Press the “Power” and “Volume down” buttons concurrently.
  • On iPhone: Press the “Side” button and the “Volume up” button simultaneously.
  • Once carried out, you will get a screenshot of the snap to your gallery.

The owner will see a screenshot icon notifying them that you saved their tale. If you want to secretly obtain the equal, mainly if you’re going to store a video, stick around.

How To Save Someone’s Snapchat Story Secretly

Depending on your smartphone type, use the approach that fits your want.

Method #1: For iPhone

If you’re using iOS 11 or better, you can use the built-in display recorder that comes with the telephone. You simply want to make sure you can access the display screen recording app from your control center.

From there several saved Snapchat stories, you can view a Snapchat tale and let the display record to seize a video of anything taking place for your display.

Swipe down your screen and take a look at if you may get admission to the display recorder. If not, add the usage of the steps underneath:

  1. Open the Settings app for your iPhone.
  2. Tap the “Control Centre” choice and click on “Customize Controls”.
  3. Locate “Screen Recording” and click the plus button to add the display recorder to the control center.

With the screen recorder introduced, it’s time to shop your target Snapchat story:

  1. Open your Snapchat app and navigate to the Snapchat stories.
  2. Before clicking the story to view, swipe down your screen and click the display recorder.
  3. It has a three-2d countdown.
  4. Go lower back to Snapchat and click the tale to view it.
  5. Once you’ve considered the story, swipe down your screen and forestall the display recording.

A video of the Snapchat story will get saved in your gallery. You can access it later, and the exceptional component is that the owner will don’t have any idea where you stored their story as no screenshot was taken to leave a trace.


Snapchat is an awesome platform for connecting with human beings and sharing snaps.

Besides, you could share your snaps to your Snapchat Story for others to view. However, there may be no direct manner to store someone’s story, and the respectable method entails capturing a screenshot, which notifies the proprietor.

Nonetheless, we’ve mentioned various options for saving a person’s Snapchat story on iPhone and Android.

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