How to prevent rat infestations

The cartoon figures you see on TV and in movies are not at all representative of real-life rats. These rates are revolting and pose some risks to property and people. Like other pests, rats seek shelter, food, and water in human households. You don’t want them in your home. Rats pose a serious hazard to public health because they have the potential to spread several deadly diseases. To the litany of issues these rats bring, you can now add “fire hazard,” as they have been known to eat through electrical cables.

What are Rats?

We’re all familiar with how rats appear, but did you realize that little is known about where they live, how they choose their habitats, and what they eat? The Integrated Taxonomic Information System has identified more than 60 rats (ITIS).

Rat Infestation Warning Signs

Check your home for these tell-tale indicators if you suspect a rat infestation:

Strange Smells & Sounds

Rats emit a powerful ammonia odor. They move through your house, making noises like squeaking, scraping, and crunching. If you encounter one of these, you can be certain that rats have moved into the structure.

Droppings & Smears

You will find their droppings everywhere if you have rats in your home. You might find little pellets along the main rat paths. Due to their poor vision, they create and maintain paths along the walls. As these vehicles travel along these paths, grease smudges are left on walls.


Examine a neglected region of your house. The next day, check the floor for new footprints after putting a thin layer of baking soda on it. Everywhere they go, rats are known to leave their tails and tracks.


Last but not least, rats leave a path of ruin behind them. They can contaminate your home with disease-carrying urine and dung while they conduct their business. You should be aware that they can eat food left out on the counter and chew on objects like paper and electrical cords.

Ways to Prevent a Rat Infestation

Rats, such as cotton rats, Norway rats, and roof rats, frequently gain entry to homes. Each has a unique personality, necessitating a different approach to getting rid of them. Contrarily, the best approach to pest control is prevention. Here are some tips for preventing rats from entering your home:

Store Food Properly

Along with cleaning up after meals, you should properly store all the food in your kitchen in cabinets and the refrigerator and keep it out of rats’ reach. Rats will scavenge through your trash if you leave it out in the open and consume anything they can find, including any fruit or vegetables that have fallen to the ground in your garden or any pet food left outside. Try your best to keep the garbage can lids on and to gather your produce. Avoid feeding your pets outside, and remove any food that remains after eating it.

Fill up Holes and Repair Cracks

To avoid rat infestations, your home’s foundation, doors, and windows should be regularly inspected for gaps and cracks. Rats can squeeze through even the smallest crevices, so seal up any openings that could exist in your house or place of business.

Remove Any Possible Hideouts!

Your house’s exterior should be kept at least a foot apart from any outside storage. Trees, shrubs, and other plants should be kept at least a few feet away from your home’s foundation, windows, and roof.

Make Your Place Smell Like Mint

Rats like mint. This is the process to maintain your house smelling fresh. In areas where rats are known to gather, scatter peppermint oil. In your garden, plant sprigs.

Bait and set traps

Rats and other dangerous pests and rodents can be controlled with non-toxic, humane techniques, but you’ll need to employ aggressive tactics if you detect an infestation. Check the mouse and rat traps you purchase to see whether they represent a threat to your children or animals. Rat poison and bait have always been kept outside your home to protect everyone. Set traps there if you’ve seen rats or have other evidence of their presence.


Rats are a year-round pest problem. Early rat pest control measures can have a huge favorable impact on your life’s quality. Contact Pestong Pest Control to get rid of the pests in your home, install a pest barrier, and keep it that way.

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