How to Market Yourself as a Realtor

As per the research, more than 3 million individuals in the US currently possess an active real estate license. So if you want to enter the market but aim to become a significant player, then you must know how to market yourself as a realtor. One of the best ways to promote yourself as a realtor is to create a brand identity. Personal branding can be as important as professional credentials and experience in today’s digital world. You can use numerous strategies to market yourself online and stand out from other local realtors. Here are some tips that have worked well for many of them:

Create a Brand Identity

There are a few things to remember in creating your brand identity. Your logo should be clean, professional, and memorable. Make sure it reflects the personality you want to project to your clients.

For example, if you’re an energetic realtor who loves to run marathons and wants to convey that energy through your marketing materials, then maybe a logo with a runner would work for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something more conservative or traditional, consider choosing a logo that has understated elegance with subtle details like embossing or stitching, so people will know right away what kind of realtor they’re dealing with when they see it on business cards or brochures.

Consider how often people will see this logo while they are out and about town—sometimes, just glancing at something briefly allows you enough time.

Be Active on Social Media

As a real estate professional, you want to be active on social media. Sharing helpful information, keeping a consistent tone and style across your platforms, using hashtags to increase visibility, and sharing relevant news and articles can all help you stand out from your competitors.

You must also use social media to engage with your customers so they feel like they’re getting the best experience possible. People want to feel like their realtor is listening to them.

Use Print Marketing

Print marketing is still effective. It’s a great, cost-effective way to get your name out there and demonstrate your expertise as a real estate agent. Whether you’re using print marketing to drive traffic to your website, social media accounts, or blog (or all three), it’s important that the information you share be relevant and helpful for potential clients.

Be a Good Content Curator

  • Find content to share that is relevant to your audience.
  • Share content that is interesting but not spammy.
  • Share relevant content to the real estate market, your business/industry, etc.

You can use these strategies to increase your marketability as a realtor.

You can use these strategies to increase your marketability as a realtor:

  • Network with other realtors and find out what they’re doing that works.
  • Start building your own website and social media presence, then start following others in the industry who are doing the same thing (you’ll probably be able to learn from them).
  • Find out what marketing strategies work best for your local area or niche.


Knowing how you can market yourself as a realtor is important if you want to enter and win this market. As a realtor, you can be creative and make your own rules. You can try different strategies until you find the ones that work best for your business and personal brand. The key is to be consistent with your marketing efforts so that people recognize you as an expert in this field.

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