How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website to Grow Your Business

nstagram feed is an area where you can share and attach to the things you pay attention to. When you unlock Instagram or refresh your feed, the photos and videos that we think you care about most will emerge on top of your feed.

The Instagram feed looks like a gallery of content from Instagram and is updated at predefined times, and it provides viewers with the latest content. Using Instagram feeds for marketing is an excellent and strategic marketing process that will take your business to the next altitude.

Benefits of adding an Instagram feed

Instagram is one of the multiple used and prominent social media platforms that offer multiple opportunities for business owners to advertise their products and services.

Over the years, as there was a transformation in marketing strategies, businesses embraced various strategies for better customer interaction. Embedding an Instagram feed on the website came as a perfect idea to achieve the desired results.

While embedding an Instagram feed on your website has several benefits, we will summarize only a few.

Increase sales and revenue

Instagram feed is the most crucial marketing means for businesses. Instagram can generate over 4 x better interactions on Instagram compared to Facebook.

So displaying your Instagram business feed on your websites can immensely boost your sales. Besides using your Instagram feed to develop customer awareness and leads, you can also use it to build your revenue.

Build brand’s trust and loyalty

When you display a user-friendly Instagram feed on your website, it indicates that you care about their demand and expectations. This process helps to build the brand’s trust and loyalty to your product. Even, It encourages them to share their experiences with other users.

Most loyal brand according to consumers

Moreover, It evolves a way to interact with your customer base. The more you can attach to your customer base, the more you can interact and build a relationship with the customer.

Improve the engagement of the visitors

Improve engagement on your business websites means a lot for a business because it can significantly impact overall sales. You can accelerate a great engagement rate by using a different interactive strategy for your user base. Among them, adding an Instagram feed on your website is the best way to generate massive sales and engagement for your overall Business.

Factors related to engagement

To improve the process, you can add different interactive images and videos with your costumes. It cloud be short, concise, and related to products or services. Sometimes, you may use some funny and trendy videos to generate more engagement.

Reduce the bounce rate

A high bounce rate indicates that your site and content can’t fulfill your customer’s expectations and requirements. But the main target of the Instagram feed is to reduce the bounce rate by delivering diversified content as if visitors can find their desired information when they visit your sites.

Bounce rate by industry

By embedding your Instagram feed on the website, you can reduce the bounce rate from your site. It will help them know your brand better, especially your product and service line.

Reduce the bounce rate indicates many things:

  • Visitors will find what they are looking for
  • Your on-page content fulfills the customer’s needs
  • The on-site experience is clear
  • Your business pages load so fast
  • There is no website error

Boost search engine ranking

By displaying Instagram feeds on your website, you can enhance your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score. Basically, search engines select ranking such sites that have the most pleasing user experience, reliability, and informative content.

Therefore, you can strengthen these factors and improve your website’s SEO ranking by attaching an Instagram feed.

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