How to Buy the Right Eye Mask?

Sleeping in places with strong light, many people are not used to it, so they will buy some eye masks to help them sleep. There are more materials for eye masks, and relatively rich colors and styles, so how to choose eye masks? Let’s talk about it today. You can also view at amazon discount code NHS.


First of all, when buying an eye mask, it is best to wear it yourself to feel comfortable, because some eye masks will hurt your ears when you wear them. Trying on them in person can feel the comfort of the eye mask and help you sleep well.

When buying eye masks, the material is also more important. It is best to choose pure cotton or silk eye masks. These eye masks have better air permeability and will not feel stuffy easily.

When buying an eye mask, you can smell the smell of the eye mask. If the smell is particularly strong, don’t buy it, it will easily irritate the eyes.

When buying eye masks, pay special attention to the ability of eye masks to block light. When wearing eye masks, generally no light can be seen around the eye masks, so the shielding effect is better. 

You can’t choose an eye mask that is too loose or too tight. It is best to choose an eye mask that fits your head size or choose an eye mask that can adjust the tightness.

When purchasing eye masks, also consider whether there is static electricity when wearing the eye mask. If the eye mask has static electricity, it will be particularly uncomfortable to sleep. Friends with long hair or particularly loose hair should pay special attention.

What are the benefits of wearing an eye mask?

Wearing eye masks generally does not cause damage to the eyes, but there are many varieties of eye masks on the market, and the materials are also varied.

Since the skin around the eyes is relatively delicate, the editor recommends that when buying eye masks, the public should choose products that are natural, soft, breathable and without any irritating odor, and try not to buy eye masks with a strong plastic smell: you can also visit at ebay discount code NHS


promote sleep

Dazzling light always makes it difficult to fall asleep, and the eye mask is helpful to block the light that hinders sleep, eliminate unnecessary interference, and create a comfortable environment for sleep.

Relieve eye fatigue

Goggles can help relieve eye fatigue, but it is best not to cool the goggles. This is because the eye is a very sensitive organ, and the cooling eye mask can easily cause severe irritation to the eyes. The direct manifestation is that after taking off the eye mask, there will be temporary blurred vision.


There are many styles of eye masks now, such as fashion, cartoon, kawaii, etc., so the role of eye masks has gone beyond the scope of helping sleep, and it is a bit more decorative.

Improve sleep quality

Wearing eye masks for a long time has the effect of improving sleep, especially those with poor sleep and neurasthenia should improve sleep by wearing eye masks, which can not only rest the body, but also prevent the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.

What brand of eye mask is good? Tips for buying eye mask


eye mask material

The material of the eye mask directly determines the quality of the eye mask. There are some cheap eye masks. The reason why they are cheap is corresponding to the material of the eye mask. The material of the eye mask sold on the market for a few dollars will definitely not be silk.

Think about this. You will know that the principle of what you get for every penny will not change so far, so the choice of material must choose a better silk fabric or a constant soft cotton fabric, and try to choose to wear it to make the eyes very comfortable. of;

Eye mask breathability

Breathable eye mask, “eyes are the window to the soul”, we all know that the eyes actually need to breathe, so the good breathability of the eye mask is very important for the eyes


This requires two characteristics of the eye mask amazon discount code NHS. The first is that it fits the eyes and does not leak light. The second is that the fabric is shading and opaque. No light leakage and no light transmission can play the role of an eye mask.

The role of eye mask

When people feel physically and mentally tired after a day of work, their eyes are quite tired. At this time, if you wear an effective eye mask before going to bed.

It will reduce the distribution of the nutritious oil applied on the face and eyes as much as possible, and try to keep the eyes wet. in the environment. People will feel very relaxed, relaxed and happy. Buyers also check at boots discount code NHS

The function of wearing an eye mask is essentially to create a dark environment at night, because people’s life rules are accustomed to resting and falling asleep at night, and the dark environment can also promote the human body to secrete melatonin, and everyone always feels when staying up late.

When I want to sleep very much, I yawn from time to time, that is, naps are actually caused by melatonin.

Because the bright environment cannot allow the body to fully repair nutrients, and is not conducive to sleep, so sleep during the day. Wearing an eye mask when sleeping is very beneficial.

For example, when we take a lunch break in the office, the surroundings are bright, which cannot provide us with the best environment for sleep, and when we take a train or a train when we are flying, wearing eye masks can also help us better amazon discount code NHS.

Wearing an eye mask can also help treat insomnia. For some people with insomnia, it can help them create a better sleep environment.

Solve the problem of tossing and falling asleep, and improve sleep quality. Therefore, insomnia, dreamy, neurasthenia The crowd is more suitable for wearing eye masks.

wear correctly

  • If you wear a qualified and effective eye mask for a long time, it can not help us improve the quality of sleep, and it can also effectively prevent dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • Making our eyes more comfortable and bright, our body more energetic, and we can face life with confidence!

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