How do Venetian and wooden blinds differ from one another?

Since a wooden blind is a specific Venetian blind, the solution to this question incorporates a few different components.

However, when we refer to a “Venetian blind” without specifying its material, we typically refer solely to those constructed of aluminum.

On paper, a wooden blind is a Venetian blind; however, aside from the fact that they are made of different materials, there are a few significant variations between wooden and aluminum Venetian blinds that should be noted.

I’ll elaborate in great, slat-width-related detail on the answer to the question “What’s the difference between Venetian and wooden blinds in Dubai” in this blog post.

What are wooden blinds and Venetian blinds

To get started, it’s a good idea to have a solid basic understanding of what wooden blinds and Venetian blinds, respectively, are actually, as well as what they look like and how they work.

A type of Venetian blind is a wooden blind. as I mentioned in the introduction, what distinguishes Venetian blinds from other kinds of blinds is that they are made of horizontal slats that can be tilted precisely at the angle of your choice to let you Be able to be raised and lowered like a window to take in the view, filter the light, and other blinds.

A Venetian blind is a blind that has this appearance and this functionality, and these wooden blinds are made of wood or, in this case, faux wood.

A Venetian blind isn’t always a wooden blind, but a wooden blind is always a Venetian blind.

Understanding the materials and industry jargon used for them will ultimately help you better comprehend the differences between Venetian blinds and wooden blinds, which I’ve attempted to summarise as briefly as possible below:

The type or style of Venetian blinds can be produced in various materials, including wood, imitation wood, aluminum, and occasionally other possibilities.

The most prevalent and widely-used type of Venetian blinds is made of aluminum. Therefore when we use the phrase “Venetian blind” as a stand-alone term without specifying the material it is composed of, we nearly always mean those.

The term “wooden blinds” is often used interchangeably with the terms “wood blinds” and “genuine wood blinds,” omitting the Venetian designation. Wooden blinds are a form of Venetian blinds.

There are no other wooden blinds; only Venetian blinds are manufactured. Therefore there can be no doubt that when someone uses the term “wooden blind,” they are referring to wooden Venetian blinds and not to any other kind of wooden blinds in Dubai.

The short version is that!

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What differentiates Venetian blinds from wooden blinds

Individual slats on aluminum Venetian blinds are often smaller than those on wooden blinds in Dubai; the most typical size is 25mm broad.

On the other hand, wooden blinds can be produced with 25mm, 35mm, or 50mm slats, with 50mm being the most frequent and 25mm being the least.

Additionally, lift cords—which pass through each slat at the blind’s ends and, in some instances, its length—is a regular feature on both wooden and Venetian blinds. These cords enable the blind to be raised and lowered.

You have two alternatives when it comes to wooden blinds in Dubai: lift cords or ladder tapes, which run up and down the front and back of the slats rather than through them. Venetian blinds, however, are always built with lift cords and never with ladder tapes.

Wood is a natural substance that will absorb water and start to suffer from this quickly. Thus wooden blinds are also not waterproof.

Although their lift cables may pick up moisture from the air, Venetian blind slats are waterproof, making them a possible alternative for spaces like kitchens and baths.


Wooden and Venetian blinds are very different, but both are made from other materials. A wooden blind is a Venetia blind, while a Venetian blind is always a wooden blind. The difference between the two can be explained by understanding the materials and industry jargon used for them. Wooden blinds are a form of Venetian blinds. There are no other forms of wooden blinds in Dubai.

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