How Can Artists Promote Their Music on Soundcloud?

Most folks are now into their smartphones most of the time. However, Soundcloud comes top on the list of smartphone applications when it comes to listening to music and podcasts. Soundcloud is an online music streaming and sharing platform.

Soundcloud’s main aim is to empower independent artists by providing them with services to build their careers. This platform is often considered the birthplace of many famous DJs, music composers, rappers and singers. Moreover, Soundcloud is a great blessing for all musical artists who can share their music with the audience. 

To engage with a broader audience on Soundcloud, artists need a profile with a massive following. So, to build this following, they can buy Soundcloud likes. Buying likes will help also help artists to increase their engagements and streams.

Download Links

Downloading paid links is a great way for artists to earn money. To provide a link to your music track, you need to go to the ‘metadata’ option in the uploading section of Soundcloud. Then, in ‘metadata’, you will find an option to add the link and just paste the link there. 

However, if you are a new artist and do not have a much following, you can also provide the free download links. This is because the scope that people will pay to download the music of a new creator is very less. Therefore, as a new creator, you should provide your audience with free downloads to promote your music.

Add Tags

Soundcloud tags work the same as the tags on other social media handles. These tags will help to increase the discoverability of a song. So, if artists add tags relevant to the music album, the listeners can easily discover their music.

The most popular hashtags on Soundcloud are #raparist, #soundcloud promotion, #new music and #insutermantalist. However, artists can add more tags related to their music genre and type. But before adding a tag, you must see how many other artists have added them. 

If thousands of music creators use the same tags, the music track will be lost in countless tracks. So, use a tag that fewer artists use. Using the tags true to your music track will be best to add.


Building a network on the Soundcloud community will help to increase engagement on your profile. While building a network, engage with the audience and other music creators. The best way to increase your network is to follow all the music creators following you on Soundcloud.

You need to find similar creators and follow those creating music of the same genre. In this way, they will also follow your page. Following the most engaged accounts in your profile will help you gain more loyal listeners.

Share Music on Other Social Media Platforms

Once you have uploaded the music album on Soundcloud, you can easily see it on other social media platforms. Sharing your music on different social media platforms can be a great way of promoting the music album. For example, most Soundcloud rappers use social media to increase followers and likes. Therefore, sharing on other social media platforms helps to build a kind of personal following which is already following you on other media handles.

Collaborate With Other Creators

Collaboration is a well-known way to promote anything on social media. When artists collaborate with other music artists, it will help to bring two fan bases together. If the other artist’s fan base is on your profile, it will automatically increase the audience. 

Even you can collaborate with a popular artist who can promote your song on their profile. Collaborating with a popular artist will immediately help you reach a broader audience and establish your name in front of the public.

If you are not interested in collaboration, then you can follow the tactic of mixing other artists’ tracks. Of course, combining the songs depends on your genre and skills. However, combining the song will not only help to steal attention but also bring other artists’ fans.

Analyse Profile

To analyse the profile, firstly, creators need to buy the pro subscription plan of Soundcloud. In the pro plan, Soundcloud displays the stats of how your track performs on the platform. In addition, it includes all the information about the listeners, such as their names and geographic location. This information will let the creators know their targeted audience. If they are known to the targeted audience, they can easily plan the marketing and promotional strategy according to it.

Using the Soundcloud Promote

Soundcloud offers a promotion service to the creators, considered the best way to engage the audience. This service is like running a promotional market campaign for your music album. However, it is important to note that this promotion is not free but is a fabulous way to build a strong profile.

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