Healing Stones 

The days when crystals were only used by yogis and spiritual gurus are long gone. Here are eight ways to use healing stones to make big changes in your life. Now, even famous people like Miranda Kerr and Bella Hadid are using the shimmering stones to their advantage.

And it’s easy to see why crystals are so popular right now. Despite the fact that their efficacy is still up for debate, in addition to being pretty, they are said to help with better sleep, channel chill vibes, and attract abundance, among other healing properties.

So, exactly how do these sacred stones aid in our healing?

Heather Askinosie, the co-founder of Energy Muse and author of Crystal Muse, asserts that “to heal is to feel. “These mystical stones that will alter your life are not crystals. Crystals are tools that can help you reach deeper levels of yourself, but you still need to work at it.

“The crystals healing that will alter your life are not crystals. Crystals are tools that can help you reach deeper parts of yourself, but you still have to work at it.”Heather Askinosie, the co-founder of Energy Muse, explains below five healing stones and eight ways to use them to bring healing vibrations into your life.

Five healing stones

Five healing stones to include in your starter kit, In essence, all crystals are healing stones; determining which one is best for you takes a lot of intuition.

Askinosie asserts, “We know what’s best for us. “Go where you feel drawn, and have faith that whatever you choose is exactly what you need and where you are right now. You won’t take the wrong course of action.

Blue lace agate is a popular healing stone for relieving anxiety and feeling overwhelmed because of its calming stripes and dreamy powder blue hue. You can absorb its gentle, calming energy just by looking at it.

Askinosie claims that “Selenite helps to clear your energy field. “She suggests placing a piece on your chest for three to five minutes before going to bed to clear your aura if you’ve been around a lot of people and feel like you’ve been taking in their vibe.

Selenite Healing Crystal, Pyrite Want to improve your financial situation?

A good stone for bringing in money is pyrite. Put it in your purse so that when you look inside, you’ll be reminded of how much you have.

The black, glossy shunpike stone is said to help neutralize the electromagnetic frequency of electronic devices, though this hasn’t been proven scientifically. Askinosie recommends placing it next to your computer or other electronic devices for safety.

Black tourmaline, unpolished shunpike power pyramid.

This crystal also works well as an additional layer of spiritual protection. You can wear it, carry it in your pocket, or use it as an energy shield outside your home.

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