Golden rules for writing a good Essay

Every semester, students have to write dozens of essays on all kinds of topics.

These simple literary forms have a recognizable key structure that makes them ideal for academic discussions.

Although the form is simple, however, it is not always easy to present an argument forcefully.

There are many techniques and preparatory activities that should be implemented to ensure validity, informational value, and literary quality that would meet the rigorous academic standards that students must meet.

In this article, we’re going to examine some golden rules you should follow to submit a high-quality essay every time!

Research is vital:

We need to understand a certain topic in order to discuss it and to fully understand any topic we need to learn as much as we can about it.

Thanks to the internet, we can easily access all kinds of resources and that’s not always a good thing.

There is a lot of outdated or unverified information floating around the internet and it often leads to a trap.

Students who do not pay close attention to where they get their data from can present false data.

The variety of resources is also important because if we look at a certain issue from a fixed point of view, we do not get the full spectrum of information.

So, always ask for the latest information available so that you can deal with actual data. Make sure your resources are credible:

  • Check out the author’s bio
  • Read peer reviews
  • Check your results in practice
  • Find other unrelated resources with the same or similar data

Good grammar and great spelling

  • Just as what you write matters, how you write it plays an important role.
  • Basic spelling and grammar mistakes can lead to your work being rejected or poorly graded, both of which are disastrous results.
  • Check, double-check, and then double-check your text before you submit it for grading to make sure you don’t miss a typo or an autocorrect phrase that makes no sense in the given context. 
  • Many students are not talented writers, so they don’t feel comfortable proofreading their work. There are many international students who have no confidence in their language skills and use them to write an essay.
  • Fortunately, students have access to online services that offer various types of essay writing help. One could simply go to  Academic writing service Birmingham and order proofreading, editing, or even having the entire essay written for them. 
  • There are also spell checking tools that help fix any mistakes that the human eye might miss.
  • Whichever method you feel most comfortable with should be the way to ensure great writing throughout your essay.

Create a solid structure:

A topic is only as deep as you are willing to explore it, so make sure your research can cover all the holes in your topic.

The deeper you dig, the more you’ll learn, and the more details you’ll have to share in your content.

The introduction brings the reader closer to the main idea you are exploring in your essay. The body of the essay is where the main argument takes place and where you should present your ideas.

The conclusion should be a summary of everything you brought into the body, a brief overview that gives the audience something to think about.

Think carefully about the most important aspects of the content you are about to present to the audience. Use those points to create a clear structure with an easy-to-follow flow.

For each point, you should dedicate several items with a uniform structure of their own. It is a smart strategy to start each paragraph with a claim that speaks to the point you are presenting.

The rest of the paragraph should elaborate on the claim along with data that proves the claim is true.

Starting each article with a statement and continuing with real-life examples, studies, or statistical information creates a precise structure for that statement.

It also allows the creation of easy-to-read text with sections flowing into one another creating a clear picture for the audience.

A tight structure allows the reader to follow your logic and understand how you came to your conclusions. 


A particular literary form such as an essay is easy to recognize because of its uniform structure.

Essays are mostly academic pieces of text, consisting of an argumentative introduction together with elaborate pieces of supporting evidence that sustain the writer’s story and a clear judgment based on the ideas presented.

With these simple rules, it will be easy to create strong essays with literary value and information.

Keep in mind, above all, that a good essay like this Essay Help Birmingham depends a lot on your creativity and commitment to show the audience the full range of your thoughts on the subject.

A great one; I hope this article answered your question.

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