Flipdish 40m Global Managementlewinsifted

1. Flipdish raises €40m in funding led by Sifted

1 Flipdish raises 40m in funding led by Sifted

Flipdish, a Dublin-based online food ordering and delivery company, has raised €40 million in a new funding round led by Sifted, the European media brand for startups and tech.

The round also saw participation from existing investors, including Frontline Ventures, Polaris Partners and Suir Valley Ventures.

The new funding will be used to fuel Flipdish’s international expansion, as well as to further develop its technology platform.

Flipdish was founded in 2015 by James McCarthy and Conor McCarthy, and has since grown to become one of the leading online food ordering and delivery companies in Europe.

The company has raised a total of €53 million in funding to date, and counts Sifted, Frontline Ventures, Polaris Partners and Suir Valley Ventures among its investors.

Flipdish has offices in Dublin, London and Paris, and delivers to over 30 countries across Europe.

2. What the funding will be used for

The Flipdish 40m global managementlewinsifted will be used to provide funding for the following :

1. To support the research and development of new products and services.

2. To help with the marketing and promotion of new and existing products and services.

3. To contribute towards the costs of running the business, such as staff salaries, overheads and other general running costs.

4. To provide working capital, which can be used to invest in new opportunities or to help cushion against any tough times that the business may face.

5. To repay any debts that the business may have incurred.

The Flipdish 40m global managementlewinsifted is a great example of how businesses can use funding to support their growth and development. By using the funding to invest in new products, services and marketing, the business will be able to reach new customers and markets, and ultimately generate more revenue. This in turn will help to create jobs and support the local economy.

3. Who led the investment round

Who led the investment round?

3 Who led the investment round?

This is an important question to ask when considering any investment, and it’s one that should be easy to find the answer to. The answer will give you some insight into the company’s financial backing and how much faith the investors have in the company’s future.

In the case of Flipdish, the latest round of funding was led by Global Management Lewin Sifted. This is a venture capital firm that has a history of investing in early-stage companies. They have a strong track record of successful investments, and they’re clearly confident in Flipdish’s potential.

This is good news for Flipdish, as it shows that there are investors out there who believe in the company’s long-term prospects. It also gives the company a valuable vote of confidence as it looks to scale up its operations in the coming years.

4. What Flipdish does

Flipdish is a food ordering and delivery platform that helps businesses of all sizes to compete in the online food ordering space. The company provides a white label solution that allows businesses to create their own branded online ordering website and mobile app. The platform is fully customizable and comes with a range of features that businesses can use to optimize their online ordering experience.

Some of the key features of the Flipdish platform include:

– Online ordering website builder

– Mobile app builder

– Customizable branding

– Payment gateway integration

– SEO optimization

– Social media integration

– Order management

– Delivery management

The Flipdish platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes to thrive in the online food ordering space. The platform is easy to use and comes with a range of features that businesses can use to optimize their online ordering experience.

5. Why Sifted is backing Flipdish

Sifted is excited to announce that we are leading Flipdish’s $40M Series B round. Flipdish is the Irish startup that is changing how restaurants and food businesses operate online, by providing them with the technology they need to succeed in the digital age.

Flipdish’s mission is to empower food businesses of all sizes to reach new customers, grow their businesses and compete in the digital age. The company has built a suite of tools that enable restaurants to take orders and payments online, without any need for a third-party aggregator such as Just Eat or Deliveroo.

This latest round of funding will be used to grow Flipdish’s team, expand its international reach and continue to invest in its technology platform.

Sifted has been following Flipdish’s progress for some time and we are excited to be backing the company in its next phase of growth. Here are 5 reasons why we believe in Flipdish:

1. The restaurant industry is ripe for disruption

The restaurant industry is one of the last sectors to be disrupted by technology. While other industries have been transformed by the likes of Amazon, Uber and Airbnb, the restaurant industry has largely remained unchanged.

However, this is starting to change, as consumers become more accustomed to ordering food online and paying for it digitally. Flipdish is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this shift, with its suite of tools that enable restaurants to go digital.

2. The team is exceptional

The Flipdish team is exceptional. The company was founded by two brothers, Conor and James McCarthy, who have a deep understanding of the restaurant industry, having both worked in restaurants themselves.

The team has a clear vision for the company and they are executing on it flawlessly. They have built a strong product that is loved by customers and they are quickly expanding their international reach.

3. The company is profitable

Flipdish is a rare breed of startup – it is profitable. The company has a strong business model, which enables it to generate revenue from day one. This is a testament to the team’s understanding of the

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