Exploring League of Legends Account Options

League of Legends with its millions of fans gives us a whole new prospect of gameplay and experience when it comes to playing on different divisions of competitive play.

In League of Legends, reaching a high lvl LoL signifies dedication and skill in the game. This is a goal pursued by many players, but it requires a significant investment of time and money in your League of Legends account. Or perhaps you want to own rare skins, such as Silver Kayle or King Rammus. However, even if we cannot get them, we can still experience the joy of the game through other means. In this respect, we present below an overview of the different kinds of League accounts available on U7BUY so that you can be fully prepared when it comes to buying one. Purchasing of LoL account also allows you to experience unique and exclusive skins with their own unique voice lines and animations.


League of Legends Cheap Accounts

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Low-Level Accounts:

Smurf Accounts: These League accounts typically feature lower levels, often below level 30. They serve the needs of experienced players seeking to explore new strategies or indulge in gameplay with friends at lower skill tiers, all while preserving the integrity of their primary accounts.

Starter Accounts:

Designed with beginners in mind, these accounts provide essential champions and resources to facilitate a smooth initiation into LoL worlds.

High-Level Accounts:

High-Ranked Accounts: These League of Legends accounts are at 30 lvl LoL and may have attained specific ranks within the competitive ladder. They boast a broader selection of champions, runes, and skins compared to their lower-level counterparts.

Veteran Accounts: Owned by League of Legends players who have invested substantial time and effort into the game, these accounts exhibit high levels, extensive champion pools, and a rich collection of cosmetic items.

Specialized Accounts:

One-Trick Accounts: Tailored for mastery of a particular champion or role, these accounts showcase elevated mastery levels and profound expertise with a specific champion.

Skin Accounts: Featuring an array of unlocked skins for various champions, these LoL accounts appeal to players’ keen on personalizing them in-game appearance.

Regional Accounts:

Region-Specific Accounts: Aligned with specific regions such as North America, Europe, or Asia, these League of Legends accounts ensure optimal server connectivity and gameplay experience tailored to players’ preferred regions of LoL worlds.

Customizable Accounts:

Build-Your-Own Accounts: Platforms like U7BUY may offer customization options, empowering players to handpick specific champions, League of Legends skins, or other features to craft an account tailored precisely to their preferences, delivering a bespoke gaming experience.

Premium Accounts:

Rare Skins/Limited Edition League accounts: Showcasing rare or limited edition skins that are no longer accessible via the LoL in-game store, this kind of League of Legends account captivate collectors and enthusiasts seeking distinctive cosmetic items.

High-Value Accounts:

Distinguished by exceptionally high levels, ranks, or extensive collections of champions, skins, and other in-game assets, these premium LoL accounts command a higher price point owing to their rarity and desirability.

To make an order on the site U7BUY, it is a crucial issue to consider all possible choices before settling with one that fits your interests, budget, and goals in gaming. Also, check whether the chosen LoL account corresponds to the rules and ethical principles of the game so as not to face difficulties in the future.

League of Legends Cheap Top-Up Service

U7BUY, one of the platforms, will present you the greatest accounts that are well-equipped and fitted for your addiction to the League of Legends game while you decide which one would meet your gaming style and requirements.

If you are interested in going for cheap top ups rather than buying yourself a League of Legends account, you can visit U7BUY site to purchase some cheap LoL RP of your choosing. The top-up service includes many denominations that you can choose from. The only thing you have to provide is the Region you play in and User ID.


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