Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Says He’s Broken And Homeless

In the ’90s, Scott Stapp become considered one of the most important rock stars in the international, being the frontman of Creed. Now, however, the With Arms Wide Open singer says he is broke and left homeless, dwelling on the Holiday Inn.

In a 16-minute video published to Facebook on Wednesday morning, 41-year-antique Stapp says his troubles started numerous weeks ago, whilst he started out auditing his report business enterprise and his non-public finances. Click here

Stapp released a solo album titled Proof of Life in 2013, which featured the singles Slow Suicide and Dying to Live means Christian radio stations. He had scheduled -a and-a-half of-week tour in November, but canceled it in October, mentioning fitness worries.

Earlier this month, he became the difficulty of an Internet demise hoax. Rumors that he had resumed consuming and drug use are not actual, he claims he’s “as cool as he can be.”

When the rumors surfaced, he says he started out having weekly blood and urine tests, “If anybody attempted to call me on the carpet on that, I ought to show it.”

Stapp says the IRS iced over their money owed and someone changed the passwords on their financial institution debts online, then transferred all their money.

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“I didn’t have money, not even for gas or food. … I went two days without eating, ‘motive I didn’t have money, and ended up in an emergency room.

Neither Stapp’s label, Wind-Up Records, nor the Michigan control company called Wild Justice Music, which lists him as a patron, right away returned a request for a remark.

Creed U.S. It has bought over 25 million albums in the U.S., along with over eleven million copies of Human Clay, launched in 1999. Arms Wide Open, wherein Stapp wrote approximately the delivery of his son, received the 2001 Grammy for Best Rock Song.

Why Scott Stapp Isn’t Genuinely Around Anymore

Whether they want to admit it or now not, ’90s children don’t forget the band Creed and likely enjoy their music, at least in short. Their logo of Pearl Jam-Esque difficult rock mixed with nonsecular songs fuzzy sufficient to attain the mainstream without being overly preachy propelled them to the top of the charts. Singer Scott Stapp has become a first-rate big name through the band, although his reputation become ultimately fleeting because of a brutal mixture of internal demons and terrible life selections.

But what passed off to Scott Stapp on account that Creed’s millennium heyday? What did the public do, from hugging him with open hands to saluting him with his center arms excessively in the air? Even when you consider that his stage of repute has gone from mega-star to that of any other rookie “that man,” what has he been as much as we seldom recall? Here’s the real, notably darkish story of Scott Stapp after the sector stopped being concerned.

He Injured The Homeless And The Poor

A lot of celebrities lose money because of being much less relevant. Some, although, literally have nothing to do with his name, and yet as Rolling Stone pointed out, this is precisely what came about to Scott Stapp. In 2014, he published a Facebook video saying that he is presently living at the Holiday Inn, now not because he become a busy rock big name dwelling across the road. Rather, he changed into homeless and had nowhere else to go. Incredibly, it became a development – he turned into residing in his truck in advance and had no money to shop for gas or meals. The one-time millionaire rocker turned downright penniless.

How is this possible? Stapp stated he had these days audited his budget and located he had not anything. People supposedly stole everything from him and claimed that he became now not get the royalties that he thought he had. He didn’t have cash, and he was spending money he by no means had. No, a count who you are, it is a recipe for monetary disaster. Thankfully, Stapp is no longer homeless. Even if he in no way reaches the heights of “excessive” days once more, as a minimum he can now have the funds to devour.

He Had A Series Of Psychotic Breakdowns

To position it mildly, Scott Stapp has behaved unusually over the years. Turns out there has been a legitimate reason for her conduct: she has bipolar disorder. However, it become not observed till after a few high-profile breakdowns. According to the Chicago Tribune, Stapp become taking medicinal drugs earlier than his diagnosis he ought to no longer have taken. He turned into additionally self-medicating with alcohol, any other no-no. This ended in a series of delusional breaks, and Stapp believed he turned into forced into a mind-control experiment; Alcoholics Anonymous declared to be synthetic via the CIA; Announces a mysterious connection between the DEA, Nashville, and Palm Springs; and his wife Accused of stealing.

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