Airpods Cyber Monday deals: Pro, Max, and 3rd-gen models

How about some cheaper Apple earbuds? It is our pleasure to assist you. Apple AirPods seldom get any substantial reductions at other times of the year, so we’re plowing through the Airpods Cyber Monday Deals offers to see what’s still available today in the world of Apple’s headphones.

Significant Price Cuts

This year’s Black Friday and Airpods Cyber Monday  were pretty sweet, with the price of the AirPods Pro dropping to its lowest point in the United States and the United Kingdom, the first discounts appearing on the brand-new AirPods 3, and significant price cuts appearing on the over-ear (and very expensive) AirPods Max.

The Best Airpods Alternatives

While the day may have come and gone, there are still plenty of Airpods Cyber Monday Deals discounts out there, and we’ll be here to bring you all the all the very best AirPods deals as we uncover them – as well as recommendations for the best AirPods alternatives you can buy today. So, be sure to bookmark this page and check in periodically for the best chance to save on your next pair of wireless earbuds or headphones.

We’ll Find Out If You Don’t

 We’ll find out if you don’t, and that will make us very upset. (Don’t have time to read our beautiful prose? Remember to take advantage of these discounts and specials. Let’s get off with the finest Airpods Cyber Monday Deals  out there right now in the US – the AirPods Max have dropped to their lowest ever price in a wonderful deal from Crutchfield, which cuts the noise-cancelling headphones from $549 to $429.

Over-Ear Headphones

These over-ear headphones are normally extremely pricy indeed, however we appreciated their audio performance when we reviewed them. The Airpods Cyber Monday Deals Max also come with noise cancellation to help block out the world around you, and a comfy (if a little strange) design that should get you through long listening sessions. There’s no 3.5mm audio jack, which is a disappointment – but that’s something we can ignore at this new low price.

What’s Back In Stock

Have you guessed what’s back in stock? Due solely to this incredible Airpods Cyber Monday Deals best-ever discount, the price of the entire set has dropped to just $159. Given that we’ve seen this offer flash in and out, I’d recommend jumping on the bargain as soon as possible, as it saves you roughly $100 off the MSRP of a fairly good set of true wireless earbuds. Hello, citizens of the United Kingdom who don’t deal in dollars: the AirPods Max is now on sale for you, too.

The Wireless Headphones

The wireless headphones were originally listed on Amazon for £549, but now you can get them for only £426.50 , a savings of £122.50 thanks to an offer that first appeared on Black Friday. Is the AirPods Max right for you? Stick around, and we’ll walk you through some terrific alternatives, from the best noise-cancelling headphones you can purchase today, to affordable wireless headphones that don’t sacrifice on the audio characteristics – all of which have been discounted in the lead up to Airpods Cyber Monday Deals.

The Airpods (2nd Gen)

In the next place, we have the AirPods (2nd gen). Just what does that include, anyway? It’s the traditional, stereotypical launch shape for these small ear-dwellers. The price dropped below $100 just last year, but it seems to have plateaued at $109 on Amazon at the moment.

If we were to speculate, we’d say that a completely insane shop could sell these for $79. It’s possible they may go to $99 on Airpods Cyber Monday Deals itself, but that’s a genuine roll of the dice. If you want these for Christmas, they’re a terrific choice.

Nice Savings On The Airpods (2nd Gen)

I’ve been doing some investigation and I’ve changed my mind – I think there will be some nice savings on the Airpods Cyber Monday Deals (2nd gen) . They fell to $89 on November 11, which makes me think they’ve have to get to that price again. We’ll see, of course – I’d have anticipated that to happen on Black Friday, but that never emerged.

The Second Gen Basic Airpods

Those of you in the UK may be green with envy at the lower prices in the US for the AirPods, but there’s no need to panic. We’ve spotted them over at Amazon UK for just £99 which is the lowest ever – they’re the second gen basic AirPods, granted, but they come with a wirelessly-charging case. Although the initial Airpods Cyber Monday Deals were a major turnoff for me because they constantly fell out of my ears, the automated power on/off feature when looking at an Apple device was a huge plus.

The Sony WH-1000XM4

You do recall that I said that not everyone will be using AirPods, right. These Cyber Monday on the Sony WH-1000XM4 are worth picking up if you want a pair of headphones that are better than the AirPods Max and cost much less. Greatest Buy and Amazon in the United States have dropped the price from $349 to $248, saving you over $100 on the best headphones of 2021. On Amazon UK, the Sony WH-1000XM4 has been reduced in price from £349 to £249, a saving of £100. In the run-up to Cyber Monday, this is the best price we’ve seen on the noise-cancelling headphones, which have gone as low as £201.

You Can Save $15 Off

So, it seems that I was slightly off with them and missed the same trick  you can save $15 off the $114.99 price that’s now displaying at Amazon. If you want the (slightly ageing) AirPods, you can add a $15 discount at the Airpods Cyber Monday Deals  checkout and purchase them for $99 – just $10 off the cheapest ever. If you’re on a tighter budget and don’t care too much about the quality of the sound, then these headphones are a great option for you (so long as you have an iPhone, because they’re not really useful with Android).

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