About Tarragon

Tarragon is an inexperienced leafy herb, it’s miles in particular fragrant with a diffused licorice flavor. It imparts a clean, springy flavor and a little elegance to a selection of dishes, consisting of salad dressings, sauces, and fish and chicken dishes, and is usually used in French cooking. Tarragon is offered each glowing and dried and is supposed for use 12 months round.

Tarragon is a culinary herb regarded for its vibrant, narrow leaves and aromatic taste. The most common variety utilized in cooking is the French range. Tarragon is an issue in lots of French dishes, as the side of B√©arnaise sauce, and because of its sensitive flavor pairs nicely with fish, birds, and eggs. In France, it is known as the “king of herbs” due to its capacity to elevate a dish, and many of the 4 herbs in the French concoction of herbs, parsley, tarragon, chervil, and chives. Is certainly one of them.

Tarragon is a perennial, which means that once planted, it will grow returned each twelve months. It is inside the Artemisia genus, which includes other licorice-tasting vegetables used in making the French aperitif absinthe. The stem is difficult and woody, and the leaves are lengthy and thin with pointed ends.

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While French tarragon is the most common, there are different types including Spanish (also referred to as Mexican) tarragon and Russian tarragon. Mexican mint tarragon tastes just like French tarragon, albeit barely wealthy; Apart from this there are small golden plants. While Russian tarragon appears similar to French tarragon, it has a stronger and greater bitter flavor and is often used to taste liquids.

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Clean Vs Dried

Like many other herbs, there may be a large difference between clean and dried tarragon. This distinction is even greater dire, but, given that tarragon is a sensitive herb and more volatile sooner or later inside the drying machine. Many chefs will no longer use dried tarragon because it has misplaced the pleasant and diffused traits that make smooth tarragon so appealing. If the usage of dried as opposed to sparkling, be sure to alternative 1 tsp. Fresh tarragon can also be dried domestically, either by means of heating slowly within an oven (no warmer than a hundred F) or in a dehydrator.

What Does It Flavor Like?

Tarragon is one of those herbs that people both love or hate depending on whether or not they just like the taste of licorice. But this herb has a complex flavor that brings greater to the palate than fennel. It is a combination of sour and sweet with suggestions of vanilla, mint, black pepper, and eucalyptus, which sets it aside from different licorice-flavored substances including anise. That being said, the French range tends to be moderate, blending these contrasting flavors together to create a shocking and touchy herb.

Cooking With Tarragon

Fresh and dried tarragon are used one by one in cuisine. When cooking clean, the leaves must be washed and dried before use. They are then removed from the stem, which can be finished by using going for walks with your palms along the stem from the summit to the bottom. The leaves may be used whole or chopped, but be careful as they motivate damage without any trouble. Fresh tarragon should be used raw or added on a cooking depart; If left to cook dinner for a long term, the flavor turns sour. Dried tarragon is increasingly delivered into recipes, however, will now not produce the identical impact as glowing because of its less taste.

Fresh tarragon may be incorporated into salad dressings and sauces further to chuck and potato salad. It can be chopped and delivered to green salads or used as a garnish. Tarragon is also a truly outstanding herb while making flavored vinegar.


If your recipe requires clean tarragon and you don’t have one, there are some alternative alternatives, however keep in mind that the recipe won’t bring about the same loss. If licorice flavor is essential, recollect the use of chervil or fennel leaves, or a pinch of fennel or fennel seeds for every teaspoon of glowing tarragon. If you are searching for some other smooth herb, replace the herb with basil, dill, or marjoram. While the herbs might not add the licorice taste of tarragon, they will likely work thoroughly in whatever you’re cooking.

If you want an alternative to dried tarragon, dried satisfactory herbs in addition to fennel or fennel will paintings.

Where To Shop For Tarragon

You can discover dried tarragon within the spice aisle of maximum supermarkets, and it is also extensively available online from important retailers. Finding fresh tarragon may be a chunk difficult as it is not usually as famous as various herbs, inclusive of parsley, chives, dill, and cilantro. If grocery shops bring it, it is going to be within the produce section, in each bunch, or in clamshell packaging. You can also see it within the spring and early summer seasons at your nearby farmers market. Gardening you place the pot in a sunny spot and bear in mind to water it frequently.


Fresh tarragon can be stored at room temperature or inside the fridge. Out each week. For longer storage, preserve the herb inside the fridge. Rinse and pat dry fresh tarragon, wrap it in a moist paper towel, and location it in a hermetic container in which it will remaining for about weeks inside the refrigerator. You can also freeze glowing tarragon for as tons as five months.

Dried tarragon will keep for as much as a year if saved in a hermetic box in a cool, darkish region.

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