5 Quick Dress-Up Tips for Women to Follow

As a working woman, I always look for dressing hacks that allow me to look chic without wasting much time. To add to that, I have to cater to the ethnic in me as well. You will often catch me looking for Pakistani bridal dresses in my struggle to create a fusion of attires. All this has made me quite experienced. 

Here are my top hacks that you can adopt to help yourself dress up fast:

Plan It

Planning your outfit way ahead of time (or maybe just a night before) will save you the time that you will otherwise waste in the morning. The chances that you will run late for work or university are very high. Therefore, it is always a better idea to have your clothes in place the night before. It’s been a decade that I have been religiously following this routine. I won’t deny the fact that I have my bad days as well.

Go for Solid Colors

The thing with prints is that they end up confusing you when it comes to matching accessories with them. Solid colors are always the safest option when you have to dress up in a rush. Invest in solid colors and make your life easy. From neons to neutrals, everything works these days. You just need to decide what your style is. Well, the color of your dress or suit also depends on the event or place that you are heading to. You won’t wear a neon solid-colored dress to your office, would you?

Although matching accessories and bags is easy with such attires, you will have to make a choice. This choice would be between the chunky jewelry and the more subtle one depending on the event or place.  

Overdress When in Doubt

If you are in a rush and you cannot decide whether your outfit is perfect for the occasion or not, overdress. No, you will not look like a granny if you do so. That is a common misperception. You can look equally chic when you overdress as you do when you don’t. Did I confuse you there? Sorry about that. The best way to do so is to opt for a jean or a cargo jacket. It adds up to the whole look while also saving you from a fashion disaster.

Craft a Capsule Wardrobe

Nothing perhaps will help you more than crafting a capsule wardrobe. When you have all the essentials in one wardrobe. And you know that you can mix and match any item with the other to make a complete outfit, what would you possibly have to worry about? It will not only save time but also save you from frustration.

Make sure to make the accessories a part of your capsule wardrobe. So that you have every item that you can wear to make a complete outfit in one place. You can thank me later for this tip.

In case you do not know how to craft a capsule wardrobe, you can google it and you will find many suggestions.

Go with a Blazer

Well, a blazer is also capable of giving you an instantly chic look without you having to put in any effort. Also, it goes well with almost every attire that you decide on wearing. For example, you can wear it over your dress or your suit. It will look equally stylish with both attires. Plus, it will also save you time in deciding what you should wear with your OOTD.

To be on the safe side, invest in neutral-colored blazers. They go well with almost all colors. Or else, you can have a look at your clothes and buy blazers in colors that you think would go with most of your outfits.

Seek Inspiration

You should seek inspiration from bloggers/vloggers/models/influencers. Try to follow what your role model wears. Of course, you can make changes to it. But the whole point is that you won’t have to spend much time deciding on outfits for yourself. Shopping won’t consume much of your time either. As you will look for the pieces that the person you draw inspiration from wears. Job=done.

Before I started using these hacks, I would always go to stores with women’s dresses near me. I would spend hours deciding on what to buy and what not to. Now I’m a pro at this!

I hope you will also find these hacks helpful.

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