5 Best Weekend Getaways for Families in Australia

The weekend is here and this time you feel like you don’t want to spend it at home. You need a change of environment just to blow steam off since it’s been a while. From the moment you clock Friday you want you and your family to enjoy those two or three days in a new location, but you can’t put a finger on where to go. Relax, because this article will give you the 5 best places you and your family can spend your weekend and go back home rejuvenated.

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With the means of movement around during the weekend already settled and your bags packed, these 5 destinations will make your weekend never the same again.

The Great Barrier Reef and Far North Queensland

With your luxury car rental sorted, a visit to the Great Barrier Reef and North Queensland generally should be in your bucket list for a family getaway. Enjoy activities like snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and also enjoy a day trip to the Daintree. It’s a rejuvenating experience with endless fun for the whole family. The weather is warm throughout the ear and it’s a perfect place to visit on any weekend no matter what time of the year it is.

The Gold Coast Surfers Paradise

It didn’t earn the name paradise in vain. The sun and surf here are just out of this world. If your family enjoys water sports and just soaking in the sun on the beach then this is your place. It has theme parks like Dreamworld, WhiteWater World, Sea World, Movie World, and Wet’n’Wild all in one space to keep the little ones entertained.

Coffs Harbor, NSW

If you are searching for a fun road trip to just bond as a family, then this is your perfect destination. It’s ideal for families living around Sydney or Brisbane due to its proximity. But you can also fly into Coffs. 

The kids can enjoy the marine park and interact with sea lions and dolphins or just spend their days playing on the beach. It’s ideal for relaxing beachside holidays

Kangaroo Island, SA

If you are looking to enjoy wildlife encounters, Kangaroo Island is your place. It’s only a short flight from Adelaide or you can take the ferry and enjoy the scenery from Cape Jervis. You will have a good time interacting with the native wildlife. You can do the exploration using quad bikes and also enjoy watching marine life on a boat.

Canberra, ACT

If you are looking for an educational escape for you and your kids Canberra it is. It offers a laid-back, quiet break from the city with education and culture. You can visit the Questacon, War Memorial, Parliament House, and National Gallery. It is also a good getaway during winter for skiing.


There are many gate-away locations you can visit with your family across Australia. This article highlights just a few that you will enjoy. For a family weekend gate away to be enjoyable first ensure you have a nice comfortable car for the trip and in our case, we settled on a luxury car hire for family. Having time to relax and unwind a little is nice. The destination should also include activities that are children friendly for the little ones to also have a nice time and not get bored. It’s for this reason that places with theme parks and water sports that children can also engage in are ideal. Get a car, park your bags and break the monotony of city life with these weekend getaway destinations.

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