3 Effective Ways to Treat Hives at Home

When there are itchy or red bumps on the skin after wearing specific clothes or consuming foods, it is known as hives. The use of several medications or exposure to heat can also lead to this skin condition. There is also an alternative word for hives which is urticaria.

Hives are allergic reactions that appear on your skin; they can appear on the skin in small ovals. In addition, they can also affect a large area of the skin. Usually, in most cases, hives automatically disappear within 24 hours. However, according to the top skin specialist in Lahore, they can also remain on the skin if there is a severity of the problem.

Most of the time, hives discolor the skin and it may be difficult to get the natural color of the skin. Additionally, they can also occur in any part of the body. They have a trigger, even if they are non0-allergic. There are some symptoms of hives that cause much irritation.

You can try many possible and effective ways to soothe your skin after experiencing hives. In some cases, home remedies for hives are quite effective to get rid of them. However, if their symptoms are severe, then a doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory medications. In addition, some medications that suppress your immune system may also be effective against this problem.

Many people report that when they experienced hives or their symptoms, they used some home remedies to treat hives and didn’t feel any need to seek further medical help from their dermatologist. If your hives disappear within 24 hours after using some effective home remedies, then don’t get any medical help.

Sometimes, hives don’t disappear after using effective home remedies. In that case, you have to use some medications.

Effective Ways to Treat Hives

Here you find ways to treat hives that will miraculously work against this skin condition and you will feel more comfortable:

1- Oatmeal Bath

Many dermatologists and even online resources will recommend you take an oatmeal bath if you experience hives or some other skin conditions. Some people don’t know about the effective properties of an oatmeal bath and don’t try them.

The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in oatmeal will help in soothing hives. Taking an oatmeal bath will effectively reduce hives severity and it will be more effective if you are not allergic to oatmeal. Here we also tell you the way that you can follow to take an oatmeal bath.

You can add 1.5 cups of oatmeal to a bath. Some people add them to the water which is too hot. But is not a healthy practice for your skin. When you are going to take an oatmeal bath, try to get lukewarm water. 

There is a reason why we recommend taking lukewarm water. Because too hot water can be a trigger of hives. And if it becomes a trigger for hives, then it will not work against them. You can soak yourself in the bath for up to fifteen minutes.

However, don’t stay in the tub for more than fifteen minutes, and also don’t scratch your skin while sitting in the tub. In addition, also don’t use a hard towel because it can irritate your skin and you will not be able to get effective results.

2- Cold Compress

As mentioned previously, too much exposure to heat can cause hives. In some people, heat is also a trigger of hives. If you don’t stop your exposure to heat, then this exposure can worsen the symptoms of hives.

Applying a cold compress to get rid of hives will be a good option for many people. You can apply cold compresses to your skin for up to ten minutes. You can take some cubes of ice from your refrigerator and wrap them in a thick cloth or towel.

Now you can put this cloth or towel on your skin that will provide you comfort. It is among the fastest remedies that effectively reduce hives symptoms within a short time. In addition, many people put some vegetables in the refrigerator and freeze them. You can also place these vegetables on your skin for quick relief.

3- Aloe Vera

You may know that aloe vera is a common treatment for sunburn because it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the use of aloe vera, especially its gel, can also soothe your skin when it is disturbed by hives. The most interesting thing about aloe vera use is this it can effectively treat hives that appear on any part of the body.

However, aloe vera will not show any effectiveness against hives or any other skin problems if you are allergic to aloe vera. It is only you who knows about the sensitivity of your skin. If your skin is not allergic or sensitive to aloe vera, then apply the gel of it to your skin health several times a day.

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