10 basic window cleaners

We recommend the best tools you can trust for proper crystal and glass cleaning. And you have it all at Clam Professional.com.

Having a good tool isn’t everything, but it’s almost there. With the wrong tools it will cost you a lot of money to get good results, lost time and money, as well as your reputation.

Having the right tools says a lot about your efficiency.

Basic tools for good glass cleaning

It cannot be cleaned properly without water and detergent. A wet and dry window cleaner therefore first consists of a good glass bottle and a good quick cleaner. This leaves a nice shine and perfume on the glass.

Wet the glass and clean it at the same time. To wet the glass with water and dishwashing liquid, a Erhvervsrengøring København absorbent is needed that can be washed 800 times. With a comfortable Velcro closure. Now that your glass is well soaped, you need a good glass cleaner for the rubber lips.

It is very important that these tires are in good condition and that they are replaced immediately if damaged. Rubbers to replace windscreens.

Sometimes a fine cloth is needed, especially to remove corners, patterns and any moisture spots. The most recommended glass cleaning cloth is 2 in 1.

Because there you will find everything, for example bird droppings and paper droppings.

 Difficult to remove with just water and detergent. It’s a good idea to have a tool bag that you can put a sharpener in.

Another basis is a good roll of paper. You should regularly clean the speaker, especially the mirror guides, to keep it looking like new.

Special tools for specific window cleaning jobs.

There are jobs that require special tools. Since window cleaning mainly works at height, the window to be cleaned is at a certain height and you have to work on it while hanging from a basket or safety rope, or because it is very high and requires a ladder. Good safety measures to prevent accidents are very important in this project, we have to introduce a new product and that is the Easy clean scraper which is a very effective 2 in 1 tool. For cleaning the glass and on the other side for drying 40 inches of shredded rubber.

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